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Game Threat: Strohmygod Please Win This Goddamn Game, Brewers (3-5) @ Blue Jays (1-6)

Marcus Stroman has the only Blue Jays win this season. Can he get the second? Please, lord.

News and Scuttlebutt

The Jays are 1-6. One win. Six losses. That’s bad. It’s been a miserable start for the team, sure. But the season certainly isn’t over. I don’t need an example of how many teams have missed the playoffs after going 1-6, or whatever, because it’s irrelevant to this team, right here, right now. Most teams start 1-6 because they’re awful, and they go on to miss the playoffs for that same reason. This Jays team, despite how much some of the negative, sulking, gremlin-like weirdos who want to make everybody on the world wide web as miserable as they are want to believe, is not awful.

This article I liked above walked you through why not to panic (or, in Arizona’s case, get to fired up) about a bad (or amazing) start. The Jays had multiple 1-6 streaks last season, and one in 2015, as well. The fact it’s happening in April doesn’t make it any different. Seven games is the equivalent of one out in a nine-inning baseball game. It’ll be fine.

Thank fuck. Josh Donaldson is back, as the DH. I’ll talk about it more later.



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And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Marcus Stroman: 204 IP, 4.37 ERA, 9.2 H9, 0.9 HR9, 2.4 BB9, 7.3 SO9


Chase Anderson: 151 2/3 IP, 4.39 ERA, 9.2 H9, 1.7 HR9, 3.1 BB9, 7.1 SO9

Like I mentioned earlier, Josh Donaldson is back! But it’s as the designated hitter, meaning Kendrys Morales, who isn’t known for his glove, will be playing first base. That probably isn’t ideal with a ground ball pitcher like Stroman on the mound, but screw it, this lineup badly needs something, because last night, it looked completely hopeless. Tonight would certainly be a good time to get the bats going, because the guy starting for the Brewers certainly isn’t very good. Getting shut down by Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman when they have their best stuff is one thing, but if you’re getting mowed down by Chase goddamn Anderson, fuck, it isn’t good.

  • lukewarmwater

    Cam I guess you have to say pretty please. Totally pisses off Jay fans to see our starters having some very solid performances only to see pitiful hitting night after night. Stroman again pitched a superb complete game.
    Still very, very early in the year but some of the natives are getting restless.

  • lukewarmwater

    I keep thinking back to last year after they were elimated in the playoffs Gibby gave that philosophical talk about wanting to have more speed with the team next year. As the dynamic duo NOT said on the t.v., how many times has Salty been a pinch runner. I get Kendrick will give us the big bat but any ground ball or liner close to a player is a guaranteed double play. Game over as he hit that scorcher back to Felix.