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Jays Lose Again! Our Long National Nightmare Continues

What do you even say at this point? The Jays are far better than this, they’re far from sunk, but if they’re, say, a true talent 90 win team, they’re making it so quite a bit will have to go right for them to get to the playoffs after starting with seven losses in their first eight games. The margin for error is shrinking, and that’s not ideal. Woof.

Things That Were Good

  • Marcus Stroman pitched his ass off again. He’s perhaps not ever going to dominate-dominate lineups, because he’s going to allow contact, but if there’s a good defence behind him, he’ll be real good.
  • Russell Martin got a hit! A double, no less. Hey, and only after missing like four meatballs right down the fucking dick.
  • Kendrys looked fine at first base and made a nice scoop.
  • No, really, that’s literally it.

Things That Were Not Good

  • Literally everything to do with the lineup, yet again.
  • Getting suffocated by Chase fucking Anderson. I mean, really??!?
  • I can’t even.

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  • AD

    Let me be clear, they have plenty of time to turn this around, but im really concerned about jbats and martin, they are declining rapidly. I blame this shitty start on the Front office, it was obvious the offense needed more speed and switch hitting. All they did was sign morales, its simply not good enough. They are slow as molasses and strike out too much.

    • You cannot tell if a player is “declining rapidly” from eight games.

      I have no idea why you’re talking about a lack of speed as having anything to do with this start.

      The front office *did* go out and sign a switch hitter, Morales, and he’s looked as much like a good pickup as one can so far. Hitting the ball hard, even if you’d like to see a few more fall for hits.

      Yes, they could use more lefty or switch-hitting bats. Which right-handed regular are you moving out to get one? Donaldson? Bautista? Travis? Tulo? Martin? Pillar? Which lefty on the free agent market should they have signed?

      Would you be surprised to know that the Jays strikeout rate as a team is the 17th highest in baseball?

      • AD

        Howabout acquiring a capable Left fielder? Either through trade or free agency. Someone that can hit from the left side and has some speed with good on base skills. Those guys dont grow on trees but they are out there. Instead, we are forced to watch smoak and carrera suck away. The front office did not put a good enough product on the field. No reason to defend them, they haven’t earned the benefit of the doubt.

          • maybe part of the problem is that he HAS been noticed in LF…or, perhaps more succinctly, it’s hard not to notice that he hasn’t done anything either.

            pretty sure those who thought pearce was a viable alternative in LF have been advised to pump the breaks on that notion since a) he’s likely not durable enough to be counted on to play everyday/nearly everyday in there, & b) he’s needed at 1B, since they also don’t have a viable option there either (unless they get desperate and just make morales the everyday 1B which…shit, i’m pretty much ok with).

      • Mule or etc...

        Martin is in decline though, and it is pretty rapid. Last three years: .832 OPS/5.5 WAR, .787 OPS/3.3 WAR, .733 OPS/1.7 WAR. At that rate he’s not going to me much better than replacement level this year.

  • Harry Sakanuts

    Sportsnet Stats


    #BlueJays set franchise lows thru the first 8 games of a season in these categories:

    Runs Scored: 23
    Batting AVG: .190
    Slugging %: .276

  • lukewarmwater

    Just a superb performance by Stroman wasted by the Jays hitters who as the sports net stats prove are burning the butts of our starters who in general have been solid. The dynamic duo NOT did have a good line in asking how often Salty has been used as a pinch runner. I think people are starting to realise that it is obvious that some of the old veterans have similar to numerous players reaching their age begin to deteriorate. Where we have to be patient is in the development of the farm system. Some talented kids down there but not ready for prime time yet. I agree Morales won’t win a gold glove but he was adequate at first. I think it is time for a Joe Shultz type of speech that Jim Bouton made famous in his classic ball four. Bleep, %$#& bleep some more %^#* now lets pound back some Budweisers.


    Optimism time:

    The Jays offence is atrocious, and yet, they still manage to get the tying, or go ahead runs up to the plate at the end of almost each and every game. They are losing close games, despite doing nothing to help themselves offensively.

    Once the bats come around, the wins will come.

  • Barry

    This has not been fun so far. I would vent, except I’ll end up sounding like a knob venting on the internet. Probably because I’d be a knob venting on the internet.

    Instead, I am going to make random phone calls and tell whoever answers to fuck off. I think that’s the mature thing to do.

    • lukewarmwater

      Barry it works both ways now when you get that annoying tele marketing call, simply ask the person if they can help you. Let them know that your toilet is over flowing with shit. Ask them to listen to your flushing toilet to see if it sounds all right. For some strange reason after the flushing they have flushed themselves off my phone line trying to annoy me. They are as annoying as listening to Buck and his Baltimore Trash birds.

  • Space Ghost

    Anyone else already notice the dropoff in media attention for the Jays? Even from Sportsnet? I gotta tell ya…I am worried that Rogers will move the team to Montreal or even Scarborough if they go into a deep rebuild. There are rumours that Rogers wants to demolish the Skydome and build a dedicated arena for the Leafs in its place.

    • Space Ghost

      Before people laugh at me for suggesting Scarborough…it’s turning into a very young, hip, and up and coming neighbourhood. With new mass transit planned for that area, it would be a very attractive place to build a new stadium for the Jays.

      • Kyball

        “Moving the team to Scarborough” isn’t really moving the team though.
        It’s vastly different than moving the team to Montreal. If they team moved to Montreal, they’d become the Montreal Blue Jays (or whatever name they decide on).
        If the team “moved” to Scarborough, they’d still be the Toronto Blue Jays. One of those things is switching stadiums, one of them is moving the team.

        On top of that, your logic makes no sense. Going into a rebuild means the team has to change locations? No. That’s ludicrous. But, if they did have to build a new stadium, yeah it makes sense that Scarborough (you, know that place that is still part of Toronto) would get some consideration assuming there is available land.

        As to “demolishing the skydome and build a dedicated arena to the Leafs”, what in the fuck are you talking about?
        First of all, the Leafs have their own arena right down the street. Yes, they share it with other teams and concerts, but they would anyway. Those things don’t get in the way of their games or their practices, so financially, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of that. Why would MLSE spend money on 2 arenas when they can get away with just the one?

        Also, Rogers is the sole owner of the Jays. They aren’t the sole owner of the MLSE. Why would they destroy one stadium and move the team, losing all that money (I know they’ll make money in their new stadium too, but they’re still moving out of a profitable and cheap location in order to spend money buying property and building a new stadium) in order to move in the Leafs and not only lose money because the leafs having their own arena is unnecessary, but it doesn’t seat as many people, (there’s no way they’re making a 49000 seat hockey arena. The Bell Centre is the biggest and only seats 21000) and also split that money with BCE (the other owner of the Leafs).

  • I am Ted

    So, your article notes title notes: “Our Long National Nightmare Continues.” Uh, no. It isn’t a national nightmare at all. It’s a BJ fan nightmare, I guess. I am Canadian and cannot stand the Jays. Well, more like the media and having them and all things Toronto stuffed down our throats. So, it might be a nightmare for some but far from a national issue. Trust me on this one. There are tons of anti-Toronto Canadians out there. Jays can suck it for all I care. I’d like to some Mariners games on our ‘national’ sports stations 🙂

  • Teddy Ballgame

    Was that an Imponderables reference? If so, big time kudos.

    Even if the results haven’t been good, the games have been decently entertaining. One of the benefits of loving baseball first, I suppose.

  • Will Murray

    A frustrating start, and while not the end of the year by any means it does put them behind the 8-ball a little bit given the competition in the division. That said, given the strength of the pitching staff and the history of guys like Bautista and Martin not just being much, much, better but also being able to go on hot streaks, there’s more than enough time and talent on the team to go on a big run. Still, Jays, win a game, would ya?