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It’s Finally Over

Losing seven games in a row is never fun. It’s even worse when it happens in April. Coming into today, the Blue Jays had just one win in their first ten games. But thanks to an incredible start from Marco Estrada, a clutch hit from Darwin Barney, and a walk-off blast from Kendrys Morales, we’re back in the win column. Let’s hope this is the start of something.

Things that were good

  • Marco Estrada, ladies and gentlemen. That’s why he’s known as ACEstrada around these parts. What a masterful pitching performance. Estrada went seven innings, allowing no runs, scattering four hits and three walks, while striking out eight. Everything was working. He was all around the corners, hitting his spots, changing speeds, and confusing the Orioles hitters. And that isn’t an easy lineup to make a fool out of, either. It’s a shame he didn’t end up with the win, but hell, that’s why pitcher wins are largely irrelevant.
  • Kendrys Morales has been one of very few bright spots for the Blue Jays offensively this season, and he came up huge when it mattered most today. On the first pitch he saw from Tyler Wilson, Morales launched a walk-off home run, saving the Blue Jays from what could have been the most devastating of their losses so far this season.
  • Troy Tulowitzki and Ryan Goins turned a nice double play in the seventh inning to help Estrada work his way out of a “jam”. I mean, it wasn’t really a jam, but it was pretty much as close to a difficult situation as Marco had today.
  • And finally, Darwin Barney came up big in the bottom of the seventh inning, punching a single into centre to drive in Toronto’s first run of the game. Barney isn’t known for his hitting, obviously, but he’s worked some very nice at bats over his Blue Jays career, making himself into a more difficult out than you’d expect from a glove-first guy.

Things that weren’t so good

  • I don’t really feel like being negative after a win like that. Roberto Osuna’s blown save was unfortunate. The Orioles got a lucky infield hit, and worked some small ball to cash the runner in. Zeke’s throw on that first out was uuuggggllllyyyy.
  • The offence largely was quite bad yet again. Getting shut down by *checks box score* uhhhh Alec Asher isn’t good at all. But fuck it, let’s enjoy this win for now. We’ll have time to worry about the limp bats again tomorrow.

Top #content

  • Dalai Alpaca

    If you guys want to keep this site going (as far as the Jays side) you better start taking advice. 1. Change the comment system back to Disqus. 2. Use continuity, just because it was a shitty night, carry on. See those fans that are piss baby’s. 3. Quit posting your own damn Tweets after a game. Silly. 4. Get your shit together and change the comment section back to Disqus, if you need help ask Elon Musk

  • TorontoBaseballGuy

    How many bases does Goins steal with his glove, relative to Travis? How does it compare to the number of extra bases earned by Travis’ bat?

    It honestly feels like Goins makes one of those sliding plays on the outfield grass once per game. I’m not sure Travis makes those. Never mind the poor throws he sometimes makes and the ball drops from trying to transfer too quickly.

    • DAKINS

      This has been discussed many times. Goins’ bat is so atrocious that the small bump in value his glove has over Travis’ is completely meaningless. To summarise, negative bases.

  • Carl Jung

    Why has Atkins struggled to put a contending roster together with a record $160 million payroll?

    He inherited all 5 premium position players (Donaldson, Tulo, Martin, Travis, Pillar), a top 4 rotation (Sanchez, Stroman, Happ, Estrada) and an elite closer (Osuna).

    And the season is over midway through April.

  • lukewarmwater

    About time the Jays get a one run win, hell a win period as good to see Morales get the walk off. Always good to see the teammates give him plenty of room as he touches home plate as we all know how he suffered that ankle injury. Absolutely right Cam superb performance from Estrada.
    With it appearing that Travis is indeed playing hurt, we might as well go with the defence and hope Barney and Goins can get some clutch hits as Barney did today. Jays are going to have to claw and scratch for runs to help the starters who have been solid in most games. Let’s get a winning streak going Jays.

    • Kyball

      A DL stint for a blister is nothing to worry about. I haven’t looked at the schedule to see where any off days fall, but 10 days really isn’t that long for a pitcher. Maybe he’ll miss one start? The team might even be able to to swing it so they don’t have to use a spot starter either (again, haven’t check where off days fall).