Game Threat: West Coast Best Coast, Blue Jays (3-12) @ Angels (7-10)

The Jays open up a four-game series in Anaheim tonight. Are you actually going to stay up and watch Mat Latos pitch? That’s dedication.

The Jays added Latos to the 40-man today, and DFA’d Ty Kelly in his place. Kelly didn’t get into a game with the Blue Jays, and could get claimed on waivers. Such is life.


Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Mat Latos: In Triple-A… 9 IP, 1 ER, 7 H, 6 BB, 9 SO

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Alex Meyer: In Triple-A… 15 IP, 8 ER, 19 H, 5 BB, 8 SO

Quite the pitchers’ duel we have tonight. Mat Latos and Alex Meyer will both make their season debuts tonight, and if I had to venture a guess, I say this game is going to involve a hefty amount of home runs.

  • Rob Ray

    At 3:15 AM Joey bats hit his first home run. At 3:30 AM Aaron Loup shit the bed. At 3:47 AM Kevin Pillar caught the final out. I’m tired, but it was worth it.

  • lukewarmwater

    Living out here in God’s country I was getting pissed off t to quote Wilson Picket, I’m going to wait till the midnight hour, that I was being delayed my Friday night partying as the Jays and Angels came went on and on. Now I’m concerned about the Angels field with that wretched path created from the Angels catchers running to the mound every fourth batter and good old Mike trotting out to the mound. In reality it was a fun game as it indeed passed the midnight hour. Did I feel sorry for the Toronto souls waking up to have breakfast while I was dressing to style and profile for the evening. Nahhhh I didn’t. Now who would have thunk our bottom tier of the bull pen would be so solid , especially Mr. T. who threw over 40 pitches. Who could not be smiling as big as Joey Batts who put that ball into that fake water fall , fake greenery park over the wall. Way to go classic vintage Joey. But I disgress as I stated thanks to good old Mike and his catchers I did get a chance to watch the finals of the Hippo v.s. Crocodile, loser leaves the water hole on the national geographic channel during the numerous delays. I”ve never seen so many L.A. people cured of insomia while the thousands of Jay fans were truly into it. ” LET’S GO BLUE JAYS” Joey Batts gives us the insermountable lead but wait, wait, Aaron I forgot to wear my depends comes in. Yeah, yeah first base and third also crapped their stanfields only to have the amazing bionic Joe come in and get that nice fat lazy fly ball to superman. Now that was truly hilarious, fun, enjoyable and MOST IMPORTANTLY A JAYS VICTORY.
    Andrew, Cam and the rest of the crew I totally understand you guys needing your vital rest. This 68 year old went out and painted the town red. If only the wife hadn’t changed the locks when I got home.