Photo Credit: Sportsnet/MLB.TV/@MLBDREAMPICKS

Aaron Sanchez Back to the DL

When Aaron Sanchez left Sunday’s game after one inning of work, he apparently yelled “FUCK!” loud enough for fans near the dugout to hear it. The reason was seemingly obvious, as he was inevitably going to have to go back on the disabled list — something that the Blue Jays have made official here on Monday afternoon, calling up Danny Barnes to take his place.

But how’s this for a little salt in your split fingernail? Per Jon Heyman:

Aaron Sanchez hoad a procedure done to cut away much of the nail that was causing his blister issue, and may have a more extensive procedure done in the winter. He elected not to do the more involved one now, as he didn’t want to miss an additional two-to-three weeks.

Yeesh. 2017 strikes again.

As Cam noted yesterday in his piece on Sanchez’s early exit, Hazel Mae reported that Sanchez had told her ten other big leaguers had undergone the same procedure to eliminate a blister, with success. So… I guess it’s triply frustrating?

Whatever level of frustrating it is, it’s… it fucking sucks. There is no official prognosis, as yet, but after Sunday’s game, Gregor Chisholm of BlueJays.com explained that the nail had “split horizontally.” Presumably because it had been weakened by the portion that was removed in the process of alleviating the blister.

Split nails aren’t exactly uncommon. Noah Syndergaard, before he was dealing with even bigger issues (like his own stubbornness *COUGH*), had problems with split nails, and had resorted to wearing fake nails to keep his real ones from splitting further while he pitched. I don’t know if he got as bloody as his former teammate, Sanchez, or just how much Sanchez’s recent procedure makes his situation different, but Syndergaard’s nail issues (which didn’t even force him to miss a start) at least give some hope that Sanchez won’t be out too long.

Still, this obviously isn’t a great situation. I don’t think I have to tell anybody how important Sanchez is to this team. Or, y’know, how important it is to avoid any of their shitty depth starters actually taking the ball.

To that end, though, we may be mostly spared. For now.

Bless this new 10 day DL! And get that damn finger healing, Aaron!