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Marcus Stroman Leaves Game, Report of “Discomfort In His Armpit”

“That postgame was really weird” update:

Should I have an opinion about this?

* * *

Stro-ah Syndergaard Update:

I got nothing.

Except this:

Well… uh… that’s a relief?

Cool then?

* * *

Welp, That’s Not Ideal Update:

Though this sounds slightly less ominous:

More as it comes…

* * *

Original Post:

Welllllllll this is just fucking typical…

At the time of this writing the Jays haven’t said anything, and Rivera seems to be the only one reporting this news. Which isn’t to say it’s not true, it’s to say “good scoop!” And also, “Oh my pants-shitting fuck, I hope it’s not true, or if it’s true, I hope it’s not a big deal!”

These tweets are literally all I’ve got right now. Hold me.