Birds All Day Podcast: 112. Roy Halladay’s Non-Union Mexican Equivalent

Marco Estrada is great! But you can’t say that about a whole lot else in the Jays-a-verse these days. Even when things look up they look bad. And so Drew and Stoeten spin you through the Yankees series, May so far, and right back to thinking about 2018. Fun! And so much more!

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Optical Sounds, my dumb old band, and Your 33 Black Angels.





  • MetalManic

    Thanks for the podcast. For the past 10 episodes or so, Drew’s audio level vs. yours is quite contrasting. Turning the volume down (on my end), it’s quite hard to hear him if your audio is at a normal level.

    • Thanks for letting me know. The previous couple he had an issue with his volume going up and down, but I tried to correct. I’ll keep trying.

      That said, I wonder if/bet that the issue is that I pan each of us slightly into different channels (which… should I do that? maybe I shouldn’t do that), and that you’re only getting the left channel, which is heavier with me. That sounds to me like the effect you’re hearing.