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Game Threat: Yay Edwin, Boo Bauer! Clevelanders (17-13) @ Blue Jays (11-20)

I said this already in the series preview, but here’s the game plan: Let’s give Edwin a nice standing ovation, then strike him out four times, and make a fool out of Cleveland jackass Trevor Bauer.

News and Scuttlebutt

The big news today is that Russell Martin joined the Blue Jays’ merry band of broken baseball players on the disabled list. Apparently Russ has a sore left shoulder. Coming up in his place is Mike Ohlman, and in a corresponding roster move, Casey Lawrence has been designated for assignment. Click the link above to read about all of it.

Oh god. Goddamit. Fuck. This is going to suck.



Radio: SN590

And now, the lineups…

Blue Jays

Marcus Stroman: 39 1/3 IP, 3.89 ERA, 9.8 H9, 0.9 HR9, 2.3 BB9, 6.9 SO9


Trevor Bauer: 27 IP, 7.67 ERA, 10.3 H9, 2.0 HR9, 4.o BB9, 10.3 SO9

Trevor Bauer has been about as good at being a terrible pitcher this year as he is at being a huge fuckin’ tool. Now that’s impressive! He’s walking everyone, allowing a lot of contact, and even though he’s racking up the strikeouts, he’s got a fancy 7.67 earned run average to his name. Woof. Marcus Stroman, on the other hand, has been excellent. He left last week’s outing in New York due to an arm injury, so hopefully that doesn’t flare up again, because this team straight up can’t take another man down.

  • Malcolm

    “no you can’t boo Edwin and still call yourself a Jays fan, you fucking squid.” Yet they did tonight in the 100 section, rapturous applause when he 3 for 3, then boos after when we were close, 4-2. Stupid fucks.

  • Teddy Ballgame

    I’ll say it before, I’ll say it again – this is the most entertaining last place Blue Jays team I can remember. More heartrending drama, amazing plays and weird happenings than ever! #ThisIsTeam