Donaldson and Tulo To Return Friday!


Tomorrow night!

Tomorrow night the dumbass Texas Rangers visit the Rogers Centre for the first time since Josh Donaldson’s magnificent slide in Game Three of last year’s ALDS, and according to comments this morning from Ross Atkins on the Fan 590, the Jays’ MVP will be there and in the lineup to greet them. And so will Troy Tulowitzki!

On one hand it feels maybe slightly naive to get too excited for such huge reinforcements for a team that’s in as deep a hole as the Jays are. But on the other hand…

The Jays finished the last game Donaldson played in with a 1-8 record. They’ve gone 21-17 since then. What that should suggests to everyone is that they are truly not anything close to a bad baseball team, and their best is still yet to come.

Obviously no one can be sure that getting Donaldson and Tulo back will make enough of a difference to turn the Jays’ season around, given that they’re currently last in the AL East and 7.5 games back of the Yankees, but it’s going to make a difference. A goddamned big one!

Hey and they’re only four games back of the Wild Card! Uh… albeit with two teams tied for the second Wild Card spot currently, one team tied with them, and five more teams ahead of them. But still!

Atkins told reporters on Wednesday that the Jays are still “focused on adding and winning,” and while it’s obvious that he has to say a thing like that, with Donaldson and Tulo back, with J.A. Happ making a rehab start tonight, and with the club having managed to stay afloat in their absence, and with their schedule ahead not especially daunting, there’s no reason that they can’t get back in this race. They might not. It won’t be easy. But they’ve done enough these last few weeks to weather the storm. Now comes the fun part… or so we hope.

Let’s do this!!!

  • Barry

    The thing that excites me the most is the certainty that if the Jays happen to drop a couple of games on the weekend — or even just the Friday game — there will be knuckle-dragging fuckwits on the internet (or Prime Time Sports) saying with confidence that JD and Tulo have disrupted the team chemistry and that we were better with Goins and Barney in the lineup because everybody likes them and because they hustle and inspire their teammates.

  • MikeB

    When this line-up is full, healthy and performing to expectations/norms, it’s pretty deep and scary:

    I mean: Pillar (down a bit going forward), Josh (regular), Jose (2015/2016), Morales (regular), Tulo (regular Jays stats), Travis (regular), Smoak (down a bit), Martin (up a fair bit), and Pearce/Zeke/?? at 9

    That’s a tough lineup for a pitcher to get through. Combine that with Happ, Sanchez and Liriano coming back, as well as what is emerging as a pretty deep bullpen, this team looks at least as good as previous 2 playoff teams – and not even a single acquisition has been made yet!

    I love seeing the W/L record at this time as compared to the past 2 years. This team can absolutely be in the playoffs again.

    I guess the 1-11 (?) start put a damper on things pessimism seems crazy high this year. Edwin maybe?

  • Knuckleballs

    If JD and Tulo can perform as much as expected upon return and with bonus performances from Smoak and Pillar and Travis (on fire) there is no reason this offense can be scarious in the league (as they performed in 2015) POUND your opponent into the ground.

    And with the pitching coming back online within the next week or so this season will get exciting.

  • breasteve

    With so many injuries all at once and to various positions it’s somewhat comforting to see guys like Goins, Tepera, and Barnes making contributions. Can only help the club going forward.