Five of My Favourite Donaldson and Tulo GIFs as We Wait for Their Return

We’re here, we’re finally here!

After almost a month of having to watch Blue Jays baseball without Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki, John Gibbons confirmed to MLB radio that they will be activated tonight:

Gibby has been found guilty of lying to us about the return of these two so I am still anxiously waiting for a Twitter notification to officially announce that both are back still. But man, what a great time for them to return as the Blue Jays starts a three game series against the Rangers at home.

While we wait for that imminent news of their activation, may I entertain you with my five favourite Donaldson and Tulo GIFs just to remind you how much you’ve actually have missed these two:

The Epitome of this Relationship


Tulo has emphasized in pass interviews that him and Josh are polar opposites but yet have gotten super close ever since he came to Toronto. This silly GIF of Josh trying to grab a couple of inches while Tulo smiles and behaves is just the perfect example of it.

That Tom Ford Cologne Though…


Who do you call when your MVP loses his shit? Damn right you call Troy Tulowitzki. Man if we could only hear what was said during this moment.

The Dads


I kinda lost my mind when I saw this during the bench clearing incident last September against the Yankees. C’mon, how cute is it to see these two All-Stars tend to baby Travis. C’mon!?

The Hug


It has to be some type of faith that as Donaldson dashed to home that the person on deck and was the closest to hug Josh was Tulo. The baseball gods can be cruel sometimes but this was a beautiful moment.

Killing Time on the Bench


As much as I hated seeing both of them on the DL and sitting on the bench I do appreciate it for giving us this moment. It’s like the gum knew that trying to prank Tulo wasn’t a good idea and chose not stick. It’s a smart gum.