2017 MLB Draft Open Threat!

As I’m writing this, the Rule Four draft is about to begin — already slightly late, as I entirely expected.

The Jays aren’t expected to be on the clock until almost 8:30. Or… they would have been on the clock at 8:24 PM ET, if the Minnesota Twins had actually been placed on the clock at 7 o’clock, like we were all told they were supposed to be. In reality, the Twins weren’t put on the clock until at least 7:08. So readjust your time frames, folks. Especially since, if the league doesn’t give a shit about starting on time, they probably aren’t going to be tight about starting the next club’s clock the second that each pick is made.

I should remember how this works, but I think I’ve blocked it out of my mind out of fear that it’s going to be a loooooong night before we get to the Jays’ third selection, 61st overall.

We’ll have full-on posts about each of the Jays’ selections tonight, once they’re finally made. In the meantime, here’s your spot to chat and to watch for Jays-related updates from the Twitter machine, which I’ll be periodically sliding in here (that is, once I’m done with a Daily Duce I’m currently in the middle of). Be sure to refresh! (And be sure to be aware that I’m probably not going to throw anything in here that has to do with other clubs, unless they start taking some of the guys we’ve heard linked with the Jays).



So much for the Jays getting to their pick by around 8:30, eh? As I type this the Marlins are on the board, and at least one guy linked to the Jays are off of it.

The thing about this is, White did get by the Pirates. So we’ll see how that goes. (And, for the record, it was MLB Pipeline’s final mock draft that had White getting to the Jays — specifically Jonathan Mayo’s half of it.)

Apparently there was a player linked to the Jays who has come of the board though:

And we should expect more of the same in the next few picks, it seems:

* * *


While I was complaining about how interminably fucking long this broadcast is — they didn’t quite get through 18 picks in the first two hours, if you can believe it (four minutes per selection my ass) — Evan White went off the board to… I want to say the Mariners?

Anyway, so much for that!

The name to watch for Jays fans now would seem to be Nate Pearson, who is the Central Florida right-handed that Keith Law had speculated the Jays (or some team) has made a pre-draft deal with. He’s still on the board with the Giants picking at number 19, despite the fact that Baseball America’s draft board has him at 13th. (Though, as I’m seeing on the telecast right now, MLB.com has him at 35).

Pearson “hit 102 in a bullpen workout ten days ago,” according to Jim Callis on the telecast.

I can live with that!

* * *


The Oriles are on the clock at pick 21, meaning that the Jays are up next! If anybody’s actually reading this, I’ll have a fresh post up about whoever the Jays select within a minute or two of the announcement. I’ll then post it, then spend some time putting together as much info as can on him.

The Orioles can only take one guy, so that means players like Nate Pearson, Logan Warmoth, Gavin Sheets, who they’ve been linked to, will be available to them. We shall see!

Aaaaaand they’ve taken DL Hall — a Georgia high school lefty. The Jays are on the clock!