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Oh Fun: Devon Travis Had Knee Surgery (And Other, Less Depressing Injury Updates)

Oh god damn it.

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Goins and Barney rolling out there every day. Fun times!

Ughhhhhh. Though, as I’ve said the few times The Leblebijian Question has arisen, I really do think the Jays like Barney and Goins. Like as “professionals,” as “clubhouse guys,” and as guys who might give you the odd timely hit or quality (if unproductive) at-bat. It’s just… we haven’t seen a whole lot of those lately.

And the Jays also would be faced with the prospect of losing one of them — key pieces of middle infield depth for an organization that employs porcelain fucking dolls unfortunately oft-injured guys as starters — should they choose to give the untested Leblebijian a shot. (Goins is out of options, Barney can refuse an assignment.)

Er… that is, ultimately they’d be forced to make a hard decision on one of those two guys. Probably. First they’d ditch Chris Coghlan or one of their relievers, I’m sure. But then when Steve Pearce comes back, would they really have it in them to go to a seven-man bullpen, with less flexibility to bring fresh arms up and down from Buffalo as needed?

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Shit, maybe they would. Seven relievers does seem kinda like plenty. And so maybe Jason Grilli isn’t long for this club (he hasn’t pitched since the four home run game ten days ago!), and Pearce and Leblebijian both come up at some point this week (John Gibbons also reiterated to reporters today that he expects Pearce back by at least the weekend — and his rehab assignment has now made its way to Buffalo).

But I guess I also get the sense that if they were going to do a thing like giving Leblebijian a shot, they’d have probably done it already. Perhaps a few more games of Goins and Barney killing rallies at the bottom of the order will change their minds! Then again, Pearce at second probably won’t kill you, either. Maybe? For a few innings?

Anyway, Devon Travis! This whole ordeal fucking sucks pretty hard right here. Not sure what else to say about that, except that I hope he gets well soon, and that he’s one of these guys who looks injury-prone, but actually just had an unfortunate string of bad injury luck even though his body is perfectly OK to hold up to the rigors of big league baseball. Fingers crossed! Because, Jesus: Travis has been on the roster since Opening Day 2015 — so for the last 387 games the Blue Jays have played. He’s suited up for just 213 of them. And he won’t suit up for them again for the foreseeable future.

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Hey, better injury news at least:

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So… there’s that.


So… there’s also that.

  • Just Jeff

    You also have to consider what the team is going to do with Glenn Sparkman (Rule 5 guy), who is currently on his rehab assignment. At the end of his 30 day rehab stint, the team has to either call him up, give him back to the Royals (?) or work out a trade for him that allows the Jays to stash him in Buffalo. If the plan is to keep him, then somebody has to go.

  • MikeRo

    Ryan Goins is a jinx. The baseball gods will keep on injuring a middle infielder until Goins gets into a certain number of games per season. Don’t know what the magic number is, though. Any ideas?

  • ErnieWhitt

    I absolutely love Travis on this team but as far as I can tell he injured himself by stepping on top of first base trying to beat out an infield single. Until we see a season where he manages to endure the stress of say 140 games, i think it would be prudent for the jays to try to catch lightening in a bottle. Leblebijian should get the chance to prove he can’t step up. Especially if it only coats you a guy you couldn’t find an opportunity for in the past 10 days or so. Coughlin or Grilli see ya later. There are loads of moving pieces out there on the waiver wire at this time of year who are equally bad.

  • Tony Fernandez HOF Voter

    The injuries to Travis have been a continued source of disappointment but let’s not forget that this could be Anthony Gose even if Travis never played again… we good

  • El Cabeza

    Devon Travis gets hit in the hand with a heater. Stays on the basepaths, but doesn’t take the field the next half-inning. Everybody’s worried his hand is broken like Freddie Freeman’s. Later that night we get news that the X-Rays were negative! He should be fine when the swelling goes down in a couple days…. then suddenly he has a new bone bruise on his knee AND cartilage issues. WTF – how does this happen unless Ryan Goins keeps Jobu in his locker?