UGH: Atkins ‘Hopeful’ Devon Travis Will Return This Season, But Doesn’t Want To Say Anything ‘Concrete’ About That

Ugh, this Devon Travis thing.

There’s really nothing worth saying about this other than variations on ughhhhhhhh so I’m just going to go ahead and throw some quotes your way. They’re from Ross Atkins, speaking only about the Travis situation, in a clip from this afternoon at TSN.ca. They’re not particularly fun!

Usually these procedures are a couple of months, or into three and four months. So, on the low side, probably three month. And we’ll see — there’s nothing concrete about it, we’re still learning about it. We’re hopeful that we could see him again, but certainly don’t want to put anything concrete out there about this year.

We were actually pleasantly surprised. With everything that we had learned, you know, it’s less speculation than it is projecting medical opinions and piecing things together. The more we learned and the more information we got, the better it got for us.

Hey, so… does that seem like good news at the end? I’m not even sure, because the question is cut off in the clip, so I have no idea what precisely he’s responding to — go over and watch it at TSN if you don’t believe me; in fact, do that anyway, because I’m sure as hell not offering much original analysis over here while I steal their clicks. Y’know, besides UGHHHHH.

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Hey, and speaking of ugh: Three months on the low side! Refuses to say we’ll even see him again this season!


  • Will Murray

    Ugh. Brutal. Would love to see what he can do over 162 games but he keeps getting derailed by injuries. You hope they’re not chronic, but having another knee injury isn’t encouraging. 3 months on the low-end also brings us to mid-September in any event, so maybe Atkins just didn’t want to confirm it’s a season ending injury. Also, if the team wants to be competitive, they’re going to need a second baseman who can fill the gap left by Travis (though kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t scenario – you don’t want to buy until you know you can make a legitimate push, but might not be able to make that push without buying).