Blue Jays Mailbag: Osuna, Travis’ Health, and Trading for a Mets Outfielder

The Blue Jays are through a strange and frustrating road trip, which ended up being uplifting thanks to a Sunday win and an appearance from their closer.

The club continues to float around the .500 mark, and have had a devil of a time crossing it, but in the two-team wild-card era, that means they are firmly still in the playoff picture, and fans are thinking long and hard about trading for upgrades—as we’ll see below in this week’s Blue Jays mailbag!

So let’s crack it open and feast on the goo inside!

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Should the people that bagged on Osuna for taking time due to mental illness be shot into the sun *or* ocean?


This seems to be as good a place to start as any, because yeah, it ought to be at least one of those places, right? But… hmmmm… since those people were such fucking squids, maybe they’d be a little too happy to be sent to the bottom of the sea. So… yeah… sun it is!