Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Pillar Celebrates Canada’s Birthday With Viral Marketing!

Look, I know when I’m being used. OK? Well… usually.

And usually when some company is like, “Hey — *nudge* *nudge* — check out this sweet viral content you can use that’s totally not just a way for us to sneak an ad onto your site without us paying for it… or… wait, well, OK, OK, it is entirely just a wait to sneak an ad onto your site without paying for it, BUT CHECK OUT THIS SWEET VIRAL CONTENT!” I give them the ol’ Fuck off, mate! Nice try ya fuckin’ tosser! or some various other attempts at British slang that I’m not entirely sure I’m using correctly.

At least, that’s what I do in my head. In reality I just ignore it.

Enhhhh, but today I’m thinking… what the hell, eh? Let’s be a bit generous. Why not? Ahhhh, hell. Sure!

So here’s Kevin Pillar throwing a baseball at a cake, or something, for sporting goods store/grammar atrocity SportChek.

A tweet so nice they sent it to me twice!

I’m not sure this one quite measures up to Pillar hitting a target on a drone, or — below that — Pillar catching a ball dropped, but I guess since we’re doing this you might as well judge for yourself…

Giving away ad space for free! Consider this my #Canada150 gift to you, SportChek.