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WATCH: Let’s Appreciate Marcus Stroman’s Absurd Slider

There was a lot to enjoy about Toronto’s 7-2 win over Houston on Saturday. Josh Donaldson’s go-ahead three-run homer, Tulo’s bomb, and some excellent infield defence, but the star of the game was Marcus Stroman.

Stro tossed seven innings, allowing just one run on six hits while collecting six strikeouts. After a bit of a struggle with command to start the game, Stroman settled in and treated the crowd to a Stro Show. The marquee moment was this absolutely bananas slider to strikeout Carlos Correa.

Holy hell. Watch this thing. Appreciate it. Inject it into your veins. This pitch is a thing of beauty. Correa is a damn good hitter, arguably one of the best in the game, and he looked completely lost chasing after that video game style slider.

Stroman has enjoyed a breakout season in 2017. He owns a 3.28 ERA through 18 starts and has easily been the Jays’ best starter so far this season. Remember around this time last year when people were questioning if he was going to become good starter? And when it was suggested he should be down in Triple-A or in the bullpen? Good times!

  • lukewarmwater

    Humorous to watch several of the Astros trying to strut and profile like the 68 year old nature boy Ric Flair whoooooooo when they have won sweet dick all. Yesiree the Jays have taken two out of three and we have watched several Astros pee their pants, give that extra stare to theJays pitcher like they are God’s gift to baseball. JAYS KICK THEIR SKINNY ASSES FOR A THIRD TIME TOMORROW. Stroman as Cam asutely pointed out throwing nasty junk to the Astros, Tulo and our M.V.P. with a little more rest jacking 3 run homers and great to see Joe B come in back to the bull pen, yeah he gave up a homer but he gives us that much better of a bull pen. All of a sudden three of our old guys and give Gibbons credit for giving them days off or playing other positions are starting to heat up , namely Martin, Tulo and Mr. Rain. Keep it going Jays kick the Astros strutting asses one more time to win your second straight series.
    Checking the standings you realise with the exception of Houston, Boston and a Cleveland club that is around 6 games above 500 the next best team in the A.L. is 4 games above 500. So yeah Stoeten is absolutely right with a return of Sanchez our veterans heating up their bats, a back up catcher who can hit an addition to the bull pen , the Jays are in the running for a wild card position where anything can happen, just ask the Cardinals and Giants.

    • lukewarmwater

      Btw I know the nature boy’s birthday as we were both born in 1949 about a month apart and just like Ric, even at 68 I’m a jet flying limousine riding, wheeling, dealing son of a gun Whooooooo Whoooooooo