Hear This: Talkin’ Jays On The Ringer MLB Show

Justin Smoak is an All-Star… somehow. He’ll bat sixth for the American League on Tuesday night, and offered this outstanding quote to Shi Davidi about what precisely has made him so much better this year than we’ve seen in year’s past:

That’s just the kind of thing I was trying — and at times struggling — to get at when I chatted about Smoak and the Jays in general for a quick segment with Ben Lindberg and Michael Baumann on their otherwise excellent latest edition of their always-excellent-except-when-I’m-on podcast The Ringer MLB Show!

Have a listen below, or head to the show’s homepage for links to where you can get it sent straight to your listening app of choice! My segment starts at the 41 minute mark, but do yourself a favour and listen to the whole thing…