Photo Credit: MLB.tv / @TaoOfStieb / Twitter dot com

Osuna and Correa Are Buds Now, Apparently

Last week’s Roberto Osuna-Carlos Correa thing always seemed like it shouldn’t have been nearly the big deal that it was made out to be. Osuna, for his part, was taken aback by the comments made by the Astros shortstop following Thursday’s Blue Jays win, giving his completely reasonable and professional version of the events to Steve Buffery of the Toronto Sun:

“Honestly, I don’t know why he thought I was showing him up. I was going to flip the ball to first base but Smokey wasn’t there yet. So I decided to just toss it to first base,” said Osuna. “(Correa) gave me a little bit of time because he didn’t run hard to first base. that’s it. I never meant to do anything to show him up or do anything against him. I didn’t mean to do anything to piss him off. If I did something wrong I apologize because it wasn’t my intention.”

Seems about right. And Buffery added that “Correa changed his tone on Friday afternoon and congratulated Osuna on being named to the AL all-star team, adding that he’s happy to have him as a teammate.”

Well, the spirit of All-Star camaraderie seems to have continued on into this week, as the two got together behind the scenes in Miami and posed for an Instagram pic:

Alls well that ends well, I guess!

I don’t know… you try to come up with posts during the damn All-Star break!