Jays Droppings: The Blue Jays Made Two Trades, It’s Time To Get Dramatic

So the trade deadline came and went and all reasonable thinking Jays fans out there read the expected, thought about it, and came to the conclusion: this is fine.

It was an uneventful day that brought back some prospects, showed some crafty work by the FO (when considering the overall prospect depth that came back to the organization with two consecutive Liriano trade deadline moves), and showed the FO’s financial flex well doing so.

At the end of the baseball day, business is business and the future is worth building towards. Now, of course, people exploded on Twitter about this Joe Smith thing and that, which brought a little dramatic internet flare to yesterday’s dealings. However, no dramatic flash by any tweet can touch the linguistic dazzling flourishes of Rosie DiManno from the Toronto Star with her purple, pink, and rose colour prose, that’s for fuck sure.

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It’s been awhile since ol’ Rosie hopped on the Blue Jays thought train, but she seems to be back in good lexical form. So it’s time to cue the sweet sounds of the violin, which plays for the ailing hearts of the departed and the current beat of the Birds:

Liriano never even made it to the visitors’ clubhouse on Monday afternoon, learning of his immediate fate at the team hotel. A fine fate indeed, dealt to the formidable Astros — 16-game lead on Texas in the American League West — in exchange for utility outfielder Nori Aoki and, more especially, young outfielder Teoscar Hernandez. Who, in a bit of cosmic serendipity, homered off Liriano in his Major League Baseball debut last year.

Yeah, sure, it most definitely is a fine gig for Liriano who is heading to the ‘get your red hot’ Astros here, so, yes, Rosie – a fine fate indeed for the man.

Now, of course, the intriguing player coming to Toronto is Hernandez who holy-baseball-God what (if you believe in that shit), homered off Liriano in his Major League debut, so indeed, yes, Rosie – a bit of cosmic serendipity, or just a fuckin’ cool coincidence. I dunno.

Rosie goes onto crack wise at the White House, hurling strikes with this nifty one-liner:

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So Liriano’s tenure as a Blue Jay lasted 364 days. Or 354 days more than Anthony Scaramucci lasted as White House communications director for President Donald Trump.

Gold. Pure fuckin’ gold. There is no rose coloured prose here, am I right?

Now, when Rosie started to reflect on Joe Smith, she typed up this nifty little thought:

Déjà Indian, and hallelujah.

And indeed hallelujah for Joe Smith who gets to return to a team he played four years with, a city that he calls home in the winter months, and to be close to his mom who has Huntington’s disease.

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I also think that it is pretty great that Mark ShapIro and Ross Atkins, who I am sure know all of these above factors, traded him back to Cleveland with this in mind too.

So Godspeed Joe Smith and good luck in October. Proper move by the Toronto FO if you have a goddamn heart, I’d say.

… So at the end of the day Rosie goes on to look at what transpired after the ol’ dust settled in Bird land and came to this conclusion:

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Really, though, it didn’t add up to a huge hill of beans, amidst speculation Toronto management might go teardown manic.

Now, this is where she is all-wrong. It did add up to a mountain of fuckin’ beans because it showed (what most of us already know), but that this team is going to cross this bridge to the future constructively using a fine approach to get there.

At this point, they don’t need to get all Southside White Sox on this club just yet, do they? And, yeah, they also kept Marco fuckin’ Estrada too, so there’s that – as well. And, believe me (even though I don’t know shit), I’m sure that Estrada might just come back to Toronto next year if the price is right for both sides, don’t you think? And why not? I say sign Estrada, offer him that contract, and keep him the hell around. I will not give up on the glove to the face, get the sign, it’s Marco Estrada time. Enough said.

Rosie then goes onto fill the page with some blah blah blahs about Jose Bautista and the ‘was he open to being traded stuff’. Really it’s just noise. The thing is, just fuckin’ enjoy what’s left of Jose Bautista in a Blue Jays uniform and take in what is most likely his last tour. He is a goddamn goat. Give him the standing ovations and Canadian hoots and hollers he deserves when you see him at the good ol’ Dome.

To end this poetic piece of Rosie prose, she comments on a Russell Martin quote, as he reflects on what it’s like being a player during this time of the year:

“It feels like any other day to be honest. But you’re definitely scrolling through the papers to see which teammate you’re going to lose. It’s never fun. It’s like having a couple of friends changing schools.”

Yeah, headed for Playoff Academy while the rest of these Jays repeat their year.

Well, ahh, yeah, I guess so. And indeed Blue Jays fans will probably not be seeing any meaningful baseball this September, but they will be watching some bat flippin’ last memories of one of the greatest Blue Jays of all time, Jose Bautista, as he plays out what are most likely his last days as a good ol’ Bird.