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Leonel Campos Up, Cesar Valdez To the DL

Starting pitching, we hardly knew ye.

Just as I was musing on Twitter about the possibility of Marco Estrada being a fit for the Mariners’ battered rotation, word came down from Shi Davidi that Leonel Campos had rejoined the Jays, meaning that someone else is headed to the disabled list. That someone, it turns out, is Cesar Valdez.

Uh… unless I have those two guys’ names switched around. Who can even keep the back of this Jays’ pitching staff straight anymore??!?!?

I joke, of course… y’know, about the Jays having a back half of their staff. HEYO!

The club is down to three starters for the time being, with Valdez (who had been taking Aaron Sanchez’s turn) now gone, and Francisco Liriano in Houston. Joe Biagini pitched in Buffalo last night — a “tepid” start says Sportsnet, which is kind of a weird fucking way to put it (Biagini hadn’t faced more than four batters in over two weeks, and went three-plus, allowing three hits and two earned runs, which both inherited runners that scored on Chris Rowley, who went walk-double-double after replacing Joe on the hill) — so he’s not quite ready to rejoin the club. And they’ll need someone, as Valdez was slated to take on the Yankees tomorrow night.

This season just keeps getting better and better, eh?

Keegan’s right on that last front. Rushing Borucki into the big leagues just doesn’t seem like a thing this front office would do — though the last one, obviously, would have considered it pretty heavily, you’d figure. And I think that makes a lot of sense, frankly. No need to risk a guy making nice strides up the developmental ladder getting his ass handed to him because you didn’t feel like giving the ball to T.J. House, amiright?

So… yeah. Probably House or Harrell it is! (Shi tweets that John Gibbons says the decision is “still being finalized.”)

(Valdez has a shoulder impingement, I should probably add. Unless it’s Campos who does. Whichever one is hurt! It’s the same injury that I thought portended doom for poor Danny Barnes the other week, but he’s be given a clean bill of health and is now back up with the club — something one hopes will be the same for Valdez (or Campos! — whichever!). Perhaps “shoulder impingement” is now the Jays’ go-to label for “arm shittiness.” We’ll see I guess!).

  • ErnieWhitt

    I say trade Estrada if the Mariners will take him and sweeten the pot with whatever will get a legit prospect. Now is not the time to worry about the MLB rotation. We have suffered through seasons with Jo Jo Reyes, Brad Mills and Josh Towers. Fer fucksake.. man up! At least let’s lose with a purpose instead of the comfy shitty middle we occupied for so long. If we can’t spend like the Yankees and Bo Sox to acquire talent we will have to maximize the chance to make smart trades.