Series Recap: A Slow And Painful Death

There was still sorta kinda optimism rolling into this series against the Twins. Their three scheduled starting pitchers were all bad, and a sweep would bring the Blue Jays’ playoff run back to life. But the bats were suffocated again, making scrubs look like aces. Here we are now, at the end of August, and I think we can officially say 2017 is dead.

What happened?

On Friday, the Blue Jays lineup managed to get completely shut down by Bartolo Colon, scoring just one run while scattering 10 hits. J.A. Happ had another mediocre outing, allowing five runs over six innings. 6-1 Blue Jays. 

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On Saturday, the bats exploded for 10 runs off of Dillon Gee and Minnesota’s bullpen, but managed to let the Twins back into the game in the last two innings. That game was a lot closer than it needed to be. It was also only the third time this season the Jays have managed at least 10 runs. 10-9 Blue Jays. 

On Sunday, the lineup got suffocated by a mediocre pitcher again, letting Kyle Gibson scatter only two runs over six-and-two-thirds innings. Joe Biagini also had himself a hell of a time, failing to get out of the fourth inning. 7-2 Blue Jays.

Things that were good

  • *shrug*
  • The bats had a fun outburst on Saturday, Marco Estrada had a solid start, Josh Donaldson continued to hit like an MVP, Kendrys Morales made contact with a ball for the first time in like a month, and Justin Smoak inched closer to 40 home runs. It’s really sad that I can pretty much sum up all of the good things that happened in just one line.

Things that weren’t good

  • Joe Biagini got spanked in his return to the rotation. He managed to go just three-and-two-thirds innings while allowing five runs on nine hits and three walks. One of the most concerning things about the start was how he was flailing out of his delivery and constantly missing spots. Obviously he doesn’t have much starting experience in the big leagues under his belt and it’s been a weird season for him, having been thrown into the rotation after not being stretched out in spring, but performances like these with glaring technical errors are troubling.
  • Byron Buxton had himself a hell of a series. On Sunday, he clubbed three home runs, which is kind of hilarious considering he’s never had a multi-homer game in his major league career. It’s also a very good metaphor for the 2017 Blue Jays season. In the final weekend of August in 2015, Edwin hit his hat trick, then in 2016, Josh Donaldson had his. Now, in 2017, some dude on the other team rolls into Toronto and hits a home run hat trick. Because 2017.

Up next…

The Blue Jays will host the Red Sox for three games, then they’ll head to Baltimore for four with the Orioles and Boston for three with the Red Sox. Let’s, uh, play spoiler!

  • fred2

    Could we maybe get Stacey May Fowles to do the game recaps from her on out? I think we need to start going into ‘there’s stuff to enjoy in the game even in a lost season’ mode. Or just skip the recaps and write twice as many articles calling Damien Cox a jerk.

    • Dbaggins

      Get ur head outta ur ass bud. What is there to enjoy right now? Getting dominated by Bartolo Colon is downright embarrassing. The Jays have been pretty painful to watch all season. They have no prospects or young talent to watch develop. FFS.

      • The Humungus

        Justin Smoak is fun.

        So is Josh Donaldson.

        And I mean, we can always appreciate the last 5 weeks of Jose Bautista, aka the greatest Blue Jay position player ever.

    • The Humungus

      I can pitch in on Damien Cox jerk articles. I listen to PTS at least 3 days a week and by the time I hit the Burlington Skyway, I’ve usually sworn at the radio at least three times (and probably turned off the radio to ‘wait for the next segment’ on half of those days).

      • The Humungus

        I should mention I work in Burlington basically right at Walker’s Line and the QEW. Locals will know both how far this is, and how long it takes to drive it during rush.

    • Cam Lewis

      Lmao I got crapped on a few weeks ago for suggesting there was a chance this team could go on a playoff run and now I’m getting crapped on for suggesting the season is over. Long live internet comment sections!

      If you need me to walk you through how to enjoy baseball, I guess I can give it a shot.

      • Teddy Ballgame

        I honestly don’t think you can be a baseball fan unless you can seamlessly veer between sunny optimism and joy and complete despondency. It’s all in the game, innit?