Brett Anderson is Already The Blue Jays’ Best Ever Tweeter, Takes a Shot at (Presumably) the Cubs

Move over Marcus Stroman. Sit down, Miguel Montero. There is a new sheriff in Twitter town (as far as Blue Jays tweeters go, anyway), and his name is Brett Anderson.

Of course, many Jays fans knew when the club picked him up mid-summer that Anderson is a prolific user of the social media service. But did we all know that he was quite this… um… engaged?

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This is all awesome, awesome stuff, frankly. I mean, anybody who has read my stuff over the years knows that I’m a sucker for calling out dipshits online, so I’m clearly biased here, but still!

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Sadly, the confused fan who accused Anderson of being responsible for hanging a slider that turned into a game-winning Miguel Montero grand slam in Game One of last year’s NLCS (aka accused him of being Joe Blanton) deleted his tweet, so we can only see Brett’s delicious (if abrupt) replies:

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Despite the morons insisting otherwise, Anderson absolutely should feel pretty good about his first couple starts in a Blue Jays uniform.

He’s done decently well at keeping the ball on the ground (46% GB rate), kept runners off the bases (1.11 WHIP), avoided giving out free passes (0 BB), and allowed just four earned runs through 11.2 innings (3.09 ERA). He’s been efficient, and while at this point he’s clearly best looked at as a sixth or seventh or eighth starter, rather than someone you’d want to rush out and give a rotation spot to, maybe the Jays have turned his head enough in this short cameo to make him consider a return as a depth piece next year. Apparently they haven’t tinkered with him, at least!

And if his giving serious consideration to returning to the organization next year is all that comes out of these few starts they’re giving him, that alone is probably worth the trouble. The awesome tweets are just gravy.

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C/G in the direction of @OhKStan for pointing me to these gems!

  • ErnieWhitt

    A Brett Anderson with recent success is 100% what the Blue Jays need in their rotation next season (with the clear caveat that they plan for injury). Hopefully he has good enough a time down the stretch that they make it happen because I’m way more comfortable with him then almost all of the other dregs that they’ve managed to find as AAAA depth in the past.