Game Threat: Blue Jays (64-74) @ Apple Watch Enthusiasts (77-61)

The Jays spanked the Sox to grab the series opener last night, and they’ll look to secure a series win tonight with Marco Estrada on the mound. It’ll be an interesting time to be playing at Fenway as all eyes are on the Red Sox and Boston’s most recent cheating scandal.

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LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. The Red Sox, who boast a below-average league offence, apparently need to use an Apple Watch to get that far. The New York Times has confirmed that the Sox have been using technology to steal signs this season, most notably from the Yankees in Boston and New York’s series last weekend. Brilliant, brilliant stuff by John Farrell and the boys.

Blue Jays

Marco Estrada: 5.23 ERA, 156 2/3 IP, 9/4 H9, 1.5 HR9, 3.6 BB9, 9.0 SO9

Tim Cook’s Boys

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Eduardo Rodriguez: 4.40 ERA, 110 1/3 IP, 8.4 H9, 1.3 HR9, 3.3 BB9, 9.6 SO9

Neither Estrada or Rodriguez have been particularly share recently. Estrada got rocked in Baltimore last weekend and Rodriguez has struggled since coming off of the disabled list with a knee injury back in July. So this could be yet another high-scoring affair, though the Blue Jays are giving Justin Smoak, a key cog in their lineup, the day off because of that calf injury.