Photo Credit: Sportsnet

J.P. Arencibia and Marcus Stroman Openly Roasting Gregg Zaun On Twitter Is As Delightful As It Sounds

Does it count as a subtweet when you’re being as overt about what you’re talking about as imaginable?

I have no idea, to be completely honest with you. But whatever kind of name you want to hang on what ex-Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia and current Jays starter Marcus Stroman were doing on Twitter this afternoon, it’s not difficult to figure out who they’re talking about, or to find it pretty fuckin’ hilarious.

The exchange started with an announcement from Arencibia, which somehow veered into TV territory…

LOL indeed.

The two players were never actually teammates with the Blue Jays, as Arencibia moved on from the club after the 2013 season, while Stroman didn’t make his debut for the club until the following year. But they share a common bond in their having had run-ins with the man pictured above, Sportsnet’s flamboyant self-styled “manalyst,” former catcher Gregg Zaun.

I wrote about Zaun’s asinine “there’s a certain way to behave on a Major League Baseball field” criticism of Stroman earlier this year, and Arencibia’s beef with Zaun (and Dirk Hayhurst) was a summer-long saga back in 2013 (which I wrote about pretty extensively, I seem to recall, though those posts have all since been deleted and then excluded from the Wayback Machine for good measure). Y’know, speaking of petty gripes.

Anyway, this was great! Happy Friday!