Birds All Day Podcast: 138. Roy Halladay, 1977-2017

Remembering Roy Halladay.

PLUS! For Patreon supporters only, we’ve got even more #content, in which Drew and I extend today’s podcast with 20 minutes on Giancarlo Stanton — watch for a new episode of SuperBAD at Patreon.com/BirdsAllDay

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Mintmusical interludes courtesy Optical Sounds, my dumb old band, and Your 33 Black Angels.

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  • Barry

    Thank you for this episode. It had to be tough to do — mostly because of the emotional wringer we’ve all been through, but also, though to a lesser degree, because it’s outside what you guys normally do.

    It’s one thing to see or listen to the TV tributes, but it’s another thing to hear a tribute on a favourite podcast; it feels like it’s coming from our special corner of fandom.