Whose House? Stro’s House

Marcus Stroman doesn’t even have a salary for 2018 yet — he’ll go to arbitration with the Jays for the second straight year within the next month, arguing for $6.9 million against the Jays’ offer of $6.4 million — but that hasn’t stopped him from flipping a bunch of cash on some new digs.

Don’t worry, though, guys:

Well that’s a relief!

I joke of course. But what’s no joke? Stroman’s fuckin’ house, guy. It’s a beauty. And below you can see it as he shows it off for the Players’ Tribune.

Yeah, I guess it’s pretty nice. As nice as mailing in a blog post on a Tuesday afternoon? WHO’S TO SAY???

  • J. Paquin

    Nice place, congrats to Stro. Investing in real estate is not a bad idea, they tend to make good investments over the long term. Clothes not so much, but you gotta live a little!

  • Jeff2sayshi

    If he wins his arbitration case, he MIGHT be able to afford a condo in downtown Toronto, even. I mean, it might be a little tight for money, but eventually I’m sure it’d work out.

    • Guzman's Jheri Curl

      Weird for a tall dood like Aaron to wear HDMH anyways…maybe his target market would “grow” if he went with stylized S6 or simple Stro. HDMH sounds like the steroid HGH…

      Whatever motivates the guys is fine by me and nobody should care if he performs….