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Josh Donaldson and Brandon McCarthy Having A Friendly War of Words on Twitter Is Pretty Outstanding

Josh Donaldson played 75 games for the 2012 Oakland A’s, Over that half a season he managed only to slash .241/.289/.398 — stunningly pitiful numbers for a player who would but up 7.6 WAR the following year, and be an 8.8 WAR AL MVP just three years later.

More importantly — at least as far as this little slice of internet detritus is concerned — it was also in that season that Donaldson was teammates with prolific tweeter and current Atlanta Barves pitcher (having come over from the Dodgers in December’s big deal involving Matt Kemp, Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir, and others). And it’s through that lens as former teammates that I think we nee to view the series of tweets between the two that popped up on Tuesday night.

I mean, it would be extremely funny if they were actually seriously trash talking each other here — and having watched Donaldson up close these last three years, seeing how otherworldly competitive he is, I might not even put it past him! — but I’m pretty sure they’re just taking the piss.

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Still good though!

Maybe even better than all this was how I found out about the thread — this riff on one of the greatest tweets of all time:

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