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Blue Jays Sign Jaime Garcia To One-Year Contract

As reported by everyone, the Blue Jays have inked Jaime Garcia to a one-year deal worth $8 million. There’s also an option for next year with a $2 million buyout. So $10 million guaranteed. There’s your fifth starter.

Garcia is most known for his days as a St. Louis Cardinal. The lefty played parts of eight seasons in St. Louis putting together a 3.57 ERA over 896 innings. The Cards dealt him to Atlanta last winter, then he was dealt to Minnesota, made one start, and was dealt to the Yankees.

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His 2017 was pretty meh. Garcia posted a 4.41 ERA overall between the three teams over 157 innings. He struck out 7.4 batters per nine, walked 3.7, and had a WHIP of 1.408. Garcia dealt with shoulder injuries that derailed his 2013 and 2014 season. In 2015, though, Garcia was very good, posting a 2.43 ERA is a season shortened by injury. He got hurt that season running the bases against the Marlins and hasn’t really been the same ever since.

This is a nice, low-risk addition for the Jays to make. The Orioles gave Andrew Cashner, a similar back-of-the-rotation arm, two years, and the Jays only have to pony up one to Garcia, which is a major plus. He’s a pitch-to-contact, ground ball style arm which works well with Toronto’s infield defence. That seems to be a big trend with the front office this off-season, adding pitchers who rely on their defence to be successful.

It’ll be interesting to see what the team decides to do with Joe Biagini. He could slide back into the bullpen where he was excellent in his rookie season in 2016 or he could start the year in Buffalo as a starter and give the team more starting depth. I personally figure he’s better as a reliever, but there’s obviously value in working him out in Buffalo’s rotation.

Regardless, the Jays now have five Major League starting pitchers. This is a good thing.

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  • Voidhelix

    With Garcia’s extreme GB tendencies, our defense 1st base side will be even more important. Fingers crossed Travis can start the year, and stay healthy. Honestly I’m not a huge Garcia fan. But if he can keep the ball in the park and give us innings, I think it’s a good signing. We have a good righty – lefty split in the rotation now, and Garcia’s money this year gives us around $6M to still sign a LH reliever and a backup C.

  • BlueJayWay

    I like Garcia as a pitcher more than Cashner, with that GB% especially. The fact the Jays could get him at 1 year and only $10M guaranteed (with the 2019 buyout) vs the Orioles guaranteeing Cashner 2 years and $16M is pretty good.

  • AD

    Garcia is decent. Not bad at all for a 5th starter, could do worse. I hope biagini goes to the pen, we could use him there. I just dont see his future as a starter.

  • El Cabeza

    this signing is the epitome of #itsfine. not that there’s anything wrong with that. adding the bottom end depth to push the Beej to the 6th starter is totally fine with me. if this team can hit better than 2017 and it definitely should, they have a real chance to contend for that coveted away postseason game.

  • The Original Mark

    Didn’t Atkins say they would add “2 impact arms”. I’m underwhelmed. I like the idea of adding a 2/3 guy and bumping Estrada down to 5th starter status. If you’re going to roll with Garcia, might as well spend the money on a lefty for the pen or the outfield and let Biagini be the 5th starter.

    • GrumblePup

      Pretty sure he said they would like to add 2 impact arms.
      And even if he did say they would add 2 impact arms, that’s not exactly up to them. Like, there are other factors involved (such as other teams willing to trade/free agents willing to sign).

      So that’s a pretty dumb thing to complain about.

      • The Original Mark

        Considering the abundance of better pitchers yet to sign, it is you who are making the dumb comment. Maybe think before you recycle generic commentary that you heard from someone else.

        • GrumblePup

          Let me get this straight. I have an opinion that matches an opinion you read somewhere else and that means I am recycling generic commentary?

          By that logic, you’re recycling generic commentary by suggesting that you would like to add a 2/3 starter. Making you “Unoriginal Mark”

          By the way, I would also like it if the Jays add another starter to the middle of the rotation.

          Also, as you said “there are better pitchers yet to sign”, so who says the Jays are done?


          This isn’t MLB The Show with the “force trades” option selected. Ugh.

          And Finally, Garcia makes the team better than they were the day before. Is it as better as is possible? No. But is getting better better than not getting better? Yes.

          So like, maybe you should think before replying to comments with useless commentary.
          Ok Byyeeeee

          • lukewarmwater

            Great signing by one of the worst organisations in baseball, namely the Padres who signed in his prime all-star Eric Hosmer. He also is a gold glover. Shows that even a nickle and dime team can avoid wasting money by signing 37 year olds, 5 game winners and spends all that money on a winner who is a clutch ball player.

  • lukewarmwater

    Wow great signing by the Padres in all-star gold glover Eric Hosmer. Just a smart move in not wasting 8 million here, 7 million there etc. Yesiree when even the Padres go out and get a solid in his prime 28 year old, you realise a hopeless franchise is finally getting it.