The End Of The Zeke Carrera Era

After the signing of Seung-Hwan Oh, the Blue Jays needed to boot somebody off of the 40-man roster. That ended up being Zeke Carrera, as the gritty outfielder was designated for assignment.

Zeke was an interesting player. He spent parts of three years with the Blue Jays, coming up and down in 2015, playing off the bench in 2016, and then ultimately becoming a consistent starter due to injuries in 2017. He was very good at getting the bat on the ball, though he was a bit of a disaster in the field, taking strange routes to balls and refusing to stretch his arms out all the way.

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He produced a .764 OPS last year and had the second-highest OBP on the team, but a lot of that was driven by a high BABIP. With the acquisitions of Curtis Granderson and Randal Grichuk and a wealth of solid outfield prospects like Anthony Alford and Teoscar Hernandez waiting in the wings, Zeke’s days were numbered.

I’ll always have a soft spot for Zeke, who I found to be a tremendously endearing player. Look at how much this dude genuinely loved being a Blue Jay.


We’ll always have this moment when he tied the Wild Card game against Baltimore:

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And this bomb against Yu Darvish a few days later:

This is why he’ll always be remembered as Zeke “Playoff Legend” Carrera around these parts.

  • ThatDrunkGuy

    Horrible day for Blue Jays fans. Listening to Buck chew over his name like it was a piece of beef jerky so tough an old world cobbler wouldn’t dare use it to make army boots was becoming a sound of summer.

    • Junkballs

      Don’t worry. We can all look forward to Buck’s unique Asian flair with the signing of Seung Hwang Oh.
      And I feel like Grichuk could be a sneaky fun name for him to pronounce, ya know, on days when him an Pat are hitting the sauce particularly early.

      • fred2

        Wow, that’s the most pedantic comment I’ve ever seen, until this one …

        You’ll note ‘old world cobbler’ was the description TDG used, and in the past cobblers most definitely did make shoes, as well as mend them, albeit today they tend only to fix shoes and cut keys.

        Glad we got that straightened out.