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Injury Updates: Grichuk sprained a wrist, Ngoepe could fill in *if* Tulo starts the year on the DL

Arden Zwelling was the bearer of bad news on Twitter this morning. He reported that Randal Grichuk sprained one of his wrists diving for a ball and will take a few days off and that Gift Ngeope could replace Tulo if the veteran shortstop starts the season on the disabled list.

The first note is kind of an odd one. Randal Grichuk injured a wrist diving for a ball, but Gibby doesn’t know which wrist it was. Peak Spring Training form! It doesn’t appear this is a big deal, but Grichuk will take the next few days off in order to avoid making it a bigger issue.

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This note is the much, much more ominous one. At the beginning of spring, it was reported Tulo had  a bone spur in his heel removed over the off-season and that he felt great. Shortly after, it was reported that Tulo was dealing with a bone spur in his heel and that he might have a delayed start to camp.

As time has gone on the language surrounding Tulo’s health has become more and more slanted towards this is an issue than the original he’s fine! I mean, it isn’t all too unpredictable that Gibby is planning for the worst case scenario with the oft-injured Tulowitzki, but I’m thinking that this *if* is more of a *when* when it comes to him starting the season on the Disabled List.