The Blue Jays Lost A Game In The Extremely Warm Sun In Bradenton Today

The Jays travelled to Bradenton today and got dropped by the Pirates and I need to stress that it was extremely hot outside.

Things worth talking about

  • J.A. Happ made his second start of the spring and, just like last time, looked effective. Happ tossed two innings and struck out three batters. The only blemish was a solo homer from Sean Rodriguez, Happ’s former teammate, in his second inning of work. Otherwise, Happ was consistently pounding the zone with his fastball and was sitting in the mid 90s.
  • Mid-way through the game, I went and walked around LEMCOM Park for a little while. I drank exactly one beer and watched the Jays relief pitchers warm up for what felt like 24 hours. I have no idea who I was watching or what was going on and it reminded me of the time when during my undergrad degree and I donated blood and grabbed a beer immediately after. Sooooo, yeah! The Pirates have an excellent spring training facility! Basically, the function of this anecdote is to suggest that it isn’t my fault if anything I say in this article makes no sense. Blame the sun.
  • After Happ, Rhiner Cruz tossed a clean inning, Al Albuquerque and Craig Breslow combined for a clean inning, and Luis Santos tossed a scoreless frame. Chris Rowley came into the game and surrendered the lead by hitting two guys and allowing a single. After that, Andrew Case allowed two runs after Austin Meadows clubbed a two-run bomb.
  • I also saw this guy rocking a Vlad Jr. shirsey. According to a guy on Twitter in the replies, this is actually a Dunedin Blue Jays jersey, which is still cool, but not as bad ass as it would have been had the guy gone all in an invested in a Vlady Jr. Jays jersey. Apparently you can buy both Vlady and Bo shirseys at the complex in Dunedin.
  • Uhhhhh okay back to stuff that actually kinda sorta matters. Kevin Pillar had a very good day at the plate, going three-for-three and smacking the ball with some authority. The Jays only managed just one run on six hits all game and Pillar had half of them. Is everyone ready for Kevin Pillar figured it out hype part two? Sure! He’s six-for-seven for spring now.

  • Stro's absurd slider

    Pretty sure the Kevin pillar figured it out thing is still dependent on the increase in walks. He’s always been a streaky hitter. It’s s shame because there’s so much more. And it’s all his stubbornness because he wants to hit.