THE CONTENT ZONE: Reflecting on good times from 2017

Welcome to the BJN CONTENT ZONE. Once a week we’ll have a conversation about a topic in our Twitter group chat so you can get an inside look at what kind of nonsense we have going on. This week, we (Cam, Richard, Tristan, and Roman) went on about whether this team is going to make the playoffs, and then the good times we remember from 2017. 

okay let’s get things kicked off with something simple — will the Blue Jays make the playoffs?
Do you consider the wildcard game playoffs?
being in the wild card game is the playoffs
is anyone here a non-WC game puritan?
like I would say the 2016 Baltimore Orioles were a playoff team (lol)
I consider Wild Card game playoffs because it is a playoff game (technically)
Idk, I don’t know what side of the coin I fall on that, but yes, I think they get at least one wildcard game
they get at least one wild card game?
are there going to be teams that get multiple wild card games?
at least one wildcard game as in one playoff game u doffus
There will be teams that will fight the jays for the wildcard spot, but I think that the rotation can carry this team. If Estrada’s mid-season problems were really just because of his back and not being able to sleep, that’s a quality 1-4
only a quality 1-4? is that jaime garcia slander?
Jaime Garcia’s having a great spring, but he really just needs to give the team 5-6 innings when his turn comes up
Jaime Garcia’s having a great spring, but he really just needs to give the team 5-6 innings when his turn comes up
Jaime Garcia is ACTUALLY fine…
But yeah, I agree with Richard. They’ll take a wild card spot.
Garcia’s walk rate climbing last year is slightly concerning, but like Richard said, he’ll be fine as a 5th starter. Worst case he’s slightly below league average.
I could see them making the one game wildcard
Not gonna be easy though
I think both WCs will come out of the AL East, it’ll be hard to pass the Red Sox/Yanks
I‘m sensing a lot of skepticism that the Jays are good enough to be a wild card team
The difficulty i find is that the Twins, while shitty, get to play the Royals, Tigers, and White Sox all year
Yeah exactly!
whereas the Jays only get to kick the fuck out of Tampa Bay, and even then, playing in that abandoned costco hellscape is never an auto win
but I think the other 4 can legitimately carry a team. We’ve seen it before. Those guys dragged the 2016 jays into the playoffs when the bats went cold at the end of the season
I honestly just want them to stay healthy
Don’t want to have to use 50 different starters again
I want Josh Donaldson to stay healthy*
I remember last season Donaldson went nuclear in, like, August and the team was within three games of the WC
the pen looks like it will be good. Not Yankees good, because that’s impossible, but good enough that they aren’t pissing away starts
they went into chicago three games back and got swept
they stayed in it that long
oh fuck that was so bad
one of those was the Raffy Lopez game
where he was just like dropping the ball
idk that entire series merged into one game for me
2017 was a grind
can you think of any really good moments from that season?
Anything to avoid last year’s start as well
They’ve never started well
My favourite moment was when that random guy jumped over the Angels catcher
I was legitimately drawing a blank but yeah that Coughlan leap would be the highlight
Chris Coghlan aka “random guy”
I got home drunk at a ridiculous hour and was shocked the game was still on, I was so happy
Honestly couldn’t remember his fucking name lol
the Smoak-Morales back to back walkoff
remember that Cam?
oh god
speaking of drunk
i remember it *in theory* but i don’t remember it happening
i bought a 2016 team issued chris colabello jersey that day
we were like doubled over and sleeping on the porch and then 5 minutes later we were screaming and leaving the stadium
edwin’s return was one, a legitimate heartfelt moment we’ll always remember. Same with Bautista’s exit
Edwin coming home was so good
Stroman homer!!!
How improbable
Cam Lewis @cooom
this is how the millennials celebrate home runs
Morales destroying the Orioles that one game
I was so confused when I saw him running like that there was no sound on the tv I thought it was a a weird celebration
will 2018 be better than 2017?
which was better? 2013 or 2017?
For the sake of my health I hope it’s better than 2017
Hmmm 2013 was weirder cause I was going to games early in the year for like 5 bucks from scaplers lol
man that last one is rough
2017 was worse. 2013 you thought they should have been good, but never experienced much. In 2017, they were coming off of back to back alcs appearances
For me it’s the other way around. In 2013, you wanted to get back to it so badly and you thought you were before it started. Whereas last year was a major letdown but at least you actually know what the playoffs feel like
you have to consider like the fact the team hadn’t been in the playoffs for our entire lives and then that happened
whereas 2017 was like OK 2015 and 2016 replays tho!
They made a big deal out of 2013 being 20 years since we won it all
And they made the trade(s)
I have Stephen Brunt’s preseason essay seared into my brain
In 2013, you didnt know what you were missing. In 2017, you knew exactly how it felt, but you never got to the World Series. It’s harder to be close and lose than to not be there at all
If you bet on 5 games, and all five games have to win for you to win money, you’d much rather lose on game one than game five
That’s part of why I hate the Royals so much
They got as close possible and then got it right after
did anyone actually think the 2017 team was going to be good?
like what were you feeling this time last year?
Its tough cause we aren’t in a vacuum
Expextatikns have changed from a year ago
I was feeling like they could win the division again
Even with NY and BOS??
I was at the tail end of spring training in 2017 and the team looked so burnt out i was like “oh god”
I limited my Expextatikns after that