The Blue Jays take the functionalist approach to their 2018 hashtag

Real baseball is around the corner! You can feel it in the air! The sun is shining, the snow is melting, the players on minor league deals are getting released, the birds are chirping, and official hashtags for the 2018 season are being announced!

Major League Baseball Chris Creamer of SportsLogos put out a very convenient graphic with the word or phrase all 30 teams are going to slam into their digital content:

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You have some really bad ones, like… #ChopOn as the Braves embrace their appropriation of Native American culture. #DirtyWater which, uhhh, what? #RaysUp which is shockingly inaccurate given how bad the team is. #DetroitSummers which sounds terrifyingly dangerous. And #RootedInOakland which is also strange given that the Athletics should be moved to a city with a stadium that doesn’t double for a local dump.

You have some pretty good ones, like…#ThisIsMyCrew in which the Brewers smartly recognize that “Brew” rhymes with “Crew” and completely lean into it. #RaisedRoyal which is pretty corny but sort of catchy. And ones like #OnePursuit and #EverybodyIn and #NeverSettle that make the teams seem good.

And then you have the really vanilla ones, like… #BlueJays. Damn! Yes! That’s the name of the team!

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I mean, I couldn’t honestly care less what hashtag the team uses (because they’re for NEERRRRRDDDDSSS!!!, parents on the computer, and cops), but I guess after the debacle that was #LetsRise for a season in which team, uh, never actually rose, I can see why they’re taking it simple.