Rougned Odor Did a Thing When Marcus Stroman Was on the Mound

It’s been two-plus years since that fateful 2015 ALDS series between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers. Many of the players who participated in that series aren’t even around anymore. Yet, there appears to be no love lost between those two teams.

At least, no love lost between a few select members of these clubs.

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Marcus Stroman faced Rougned Odor in the first inning of Saturday evening’s game in Texas. During the very first pitch from Stroman, Odor went ahead and did this:

That was an exaggerated leg kick by Odor, followed by a crotch grab and then he stared down Stroman for a good ten seconds afterwards. After all these years, it’s good to see that Odor is still as petty as ever.

Were this any other player on any other team, it would be easy to shrug this off as an innocent joke. Word’s gotten out around the league about Stroman’s varied timing to the plate and his hesitated delivery. Batters mocking it in the box is an odd choice, but it’s their right. But this is the Texas Rangers and Odor we’re talking about here.

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Considering the contentious history between these two teams, people are already on-edge anytime the Blue Jays face the Rangers, whether it’s in Texas or Toronto. And then Odor ramped things up right away in his very first plate appearance of the game.

Was that gamesmanship, really? Odor mocking Stroman’s exaggerated delivery by practically stretching his leg across home plate? The irony is if he didn’t pull that move, Stroman’s pitch probably hits Odor in the leg. Both players knew exactly what they were doing in this scenario.

The only Blue Jay who has a history with Odor is Jose Bautista, but considering how close Stroman says he is with Joey Bats, maybe he felt like he owed it to Jose to go after his least favourite person in MLB? Just a theory and probably a stretch, but considering how far inside that first pitch was from Stroman, it would not surprise me.

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If anyone thought this Blue Jays/Rangers rivalry left town once Bautista was no longer a Blue Jay, think again. The embers are still there, they just need stoking once again. Don’t forget, there’s this little tweet from Stroman just after that Bautista/Odor dustup from 2016:

A reminder: Odor posted the worst wRC+ of any qualified batter in 2017, a staggering 61 wRC+ in 162 games with the Rangers.

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    • Barry

      In the old days, it was an easy matter to turn down the TV volume and turn up the radio. They don’t sync up in the digital age, but I will, on occasion, do the fiddling to sync the feeds. I’ve found myself doing that more often than not, the last couple of years. I no longer find Buck and Pat remotely listenable. The radio side is usually much better, and, fortunately, Ben Wagner has turned out to be excellent, so my syncing hasn’t suffered for the loss of Jerry.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      No….get serious. Doesn’t matter what the other guy is doing, you don’t try and hurt him. Seriously, this is juvenile! Is that what you would teach your kid?

      • Guzman's Jheri Curl

        Chin music is not trying to hurt somebody and also not something you teach your kid at a young age, but it has its place in baseball. As a pitcher you need to own both sides of the plate. If a hitter is leaning out over the plate and/or not showing respect for inside edge, you need to back him off the dish by throwing off the plate up and in. Not at his head, but enough to make him a little less confortable sitting on the outside corner all day.

        Odor mocking stroman and looking like happy Gilmore at the plate definitely justified a pitch to straighten him up…

        • Barry

          a) The last time Stroman did the “chin music” thing he missed his spot and nearly hit someone in the head. His own teammate (Buehrle) chewed him out for it.
          b) Given the control issues Stroman was having, do you think “throw close to a guy’s face without hitting him” would have been an acceptable risk?
          c) I don’t advocate throwing at anyone, but if you’re going to do it, you hit the guy on the ass where it doesn’t do any damage. Chin music is the pitcher’s equivalent of a spikes-up slide. It’s not gamesmanship, it’s dirty.

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    Odor…and need I say more….but plug your nose and read on. Odor is a moron. Plain and simple. And do you really want to interact and deal with a moron. Wouldn’t you rather express pity…that he’s a moron and chooses to be one. And be glad that you don’t. I think the best thing would have been for Stroman to strike him out and make him look even dumber. No matter how moronic someone is, I can’t advocate for throwing at someone. You could kill them. But yeah, Odor stinks!! Nuff said.