Bad shoulder forces Josh Donaldson to the disabled list

Ah, fuck. When I saw that Toescar Hernandez was with the team I assumed that it just meant they Blue Jays were going to be sending Tim Mayza down to Triple-A. That, sadly, isn’t the case, as Josh Donaldson has been placed on the 10-day disabled list due to shoulder inflammation.

That injury is pretty predictable given Donaldson’s issue with dead arm that kept him off of the field earlier in the season. As frustrating and awful as it is to lose Donaldson for what could be a few weeks, it’s better for him to get right than it is for him to go out there and both not play at 100 per cent and also risk further, more serious injury. This has been an issue for Donaldson since the beginning of spring training and he never really reached 100 per cent before entering the season.

In an eerily similar vein, Donaldson was dealing with a calf issue all spring and eventually went on the disabled list after a game against Baltimore on April 13. He ended up missing over a month and didn’t return to the lineup until May 26. I really, really hope that this isn’t as serious, because the Jays can’t afford to lose Donaldson for an extended period of time.

Sooooo.. how do the Jays navigate this one? This is why they Raised The Floor this winter.

Donaldson’s injury means we’ll certainly be seeing a lot more Yangervis Solarte at third base. But the other wrinkle is Devon Travis’ off days leave them fairly shallow in the infield. While they have five outfielders, Gift Ngoepe is their only backup infielder. We could see Russell Martin take more reps at third base considering Luke Maile is swinging a hot stick so far this season. If this is serious, we could also see Danny Jansen’s debut sooner than later with the same Martin at third logic in mind.

The only other infield options on the 40-man are Lourdes Gurriel and Richard Urena, but the latter is currently injured. 

  • Chappy

    Think you are buying the company line a bit too easily. Something is more serious with that shoulder than what they are sharing now or all spring training.

  • Barry

    “Inflammation” is a more reassuring diagnosis than “dead arm.” Inflammation, with no structural damage, is a treatable thing. “Dead arm” always came off as “well, we don’t really know.” I was never comfortable with it, because you really don’t hear about position players having significant troubles from dead arm, and this was lingering for a long time. Inflammation? That’ll do — treat it and move on.

  • lukewarmwater

    I didn’t have to be Nostradamus to suggest last night that when Donaldson didn’t pinch hit late in the game but instead Gibby used Travis that Donaldson was once again having problems.
    Now I can get where fans are perturbed over the well we will give him two days of rest and maybe that will help.
    But to me the confusing part is the guy was beginning to pound the ball while still having this shoulder issue. Now from what you have written here Cam, the Jays are going to work on his arm and shoulder so that he can return to third in hopefully a quick recovery time.
    Are we then led to believe that his swinging the bat is also affecting his shoulder as I sure enjoyed that grand slam the other day. In other words can he D.H. and still be recovering the arm for fielding. Or could he play first base where he would obviously make less throws.
    A lot of questions there, but the secretive Jay management ain’t helping in giving the media and the fans many answers.

    • ErnieWhitt

      Swinging a bat and throwing a ball are definitely different motions. I’ve has a shoulder issue in the past with movements overhead which could literally bring tears and would have had no issue with pushing, swinging (lateral) or pulling movements.

    • Barry

      How do you know they’re being “secretive”? Perhaps this is all they know.

      Keep in mind, of course, that they’re not actually allowed to release any medical information that the player doesn’t want to be released publicly, so even if they do know more, Donaldson might want them to keep the information released to a minimum.

  • Knuckle Balls

    I think this is the best. Inflammation in the shoulder really doses not recover well under constant motion. Rest and anti-imflamatories is best. They did try the 1st base, DH and it was not getting better. The thing that pissed me off is Gibbys’s answer that it was choice (he was not lying, but not telling the reason). All I can say how does this play into walk free year if it starts off with injuries (getting old). The other thing is that these guys rest up after the season and have all winter to stay in shape, but as soon as they come to camp the ramp it up and are hurt. I heard one guy had to give up golf in the off season due to the potential development of injury (repetition of motion) on his body. I wonder what Donaldson was doing in the off season to cause shoulder problems.

    • GrumblePup

      “I wonder what Donaldson was doing in the off season to cause shoulder problems.”

      Shoulder problems are the type of thing that can just pop up out of nowhere and then linger (you know, because it’s pretty hard to not use your arm at all). So jumping straight to ‘he must have done something stupid to cause this’ is a pretty dumb leap.