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Alex Anthopolous is giving Jose Bautista a chance

Joey Bats is BACK. But in Atlanta! Our old friend Alex Anthopolous, now the general manager of the Braves, has inked Jose Bautista to a one-year deal to play third base in Atlanta. Sure!

This is a hilarious match because, as you’ll probably remember unless you’ve completely blocked out all of last year’s largely unwatchable season, Jose got into some beef with the Braves. The Jays were down by a bunch, Jose crushed a bomb, and then he did this bat flip. As you’ll see in the responses to Atlanta’s tweet about the signing, fans aren’t all too keen on Bautista becoming a Brave.

The Braves are currently using Ryan Flaherty at third base, so it isn’t like Bautista is getting in the way of some hotshot rookie getting playing time. This is Anthopolous doing a favour to a player he’s very familiar with. Anthopolous showed faith in Bautista once before, inking him to a long-term deal after his random breakout season in 2010, and maybe Bautista will reward him yet again.

It would be Extremely Good Shit if Bautista regained form in Atlanta and then the Blue Jays acquired him at the trade deadline for their playoff push. Don’t you dare criticize my fantasy.

The Jays will host the Braves on June 19 and 20 and then they’ll travel to Atlanta on July 10 and 11.

  • Barry

    I remember that Bautista seemed to be apologizing for that bat flip, so hopefully that’s not a lingering issue.

    I’m glad he signed with Alex. Realistically, this might be his last gasp, so I think Alex will let him go out with dignity, if things don’t work out. That is, giving him a chance to retire, rather than end his career being released.

    On the other hand, Jose could show that last year was a fluke, and that a pair of snazzy new glasses make him the beast he once was.

    I hope he does well and we get to see him play in Toronto in June.

  • Sammy the Bull

    Jose Bautista has grossed US$104m as a major league baseball player, so it would be reasonable to think that his desire to put the uniform on again is not financially motivated. Instead, given that there was an extended period (2010-15) in which he could credibly be considered to be one of the top 3 hitters on the planet (alongside Miguel Cabrera and Joey Votto), in my view this embeds and requires a tremendous amount of self-confidence, and that confidence underpins a belief that a return to previous glory is just around the corner.

    Now that belief may well turn out to be misguided (after all, Father Time is undefeated) — but given how much entertainment I derived in watching him play over the bulk of the past decade, I’m glad that he (with the support of old friend AA) is going to get a shot to try.

  • TorontoBaseballGuy

    Cam, can you scheme be considered fantasy if I’m certain it’s going to happen too?

    Outside of the Jays having a great season, there’s nothing I rather see than a Bautista renaissance. I’m holding firm to the idea that a back injury that crept up in the WBC sapped his power. Has anyone done a comparison on his swings in 2015 to 2017? Was there a notable difference in how violently he twisted his torso?

    If that it was truly an injury, hopefully it’s managed to heal during the off-season and Jose can get back to being Jose albeit, a little closer to the age where it’s justified that he can’t be Jose anymore.