The Blue Jays are playing on Facebook today

The day is finally here! Welcome to the real-life embodiment of the futuristic hell George Orwell described in 1984! I mean, yeah, that’s a tad dramatic, but the Blue Jays and Royals are playing a game today and you can only watch it on Facebook. If you want to watch the Jays complete the sweep against the shitty Royals, you simply have no other choice than to let Zuckerberg syphon your personal data for a three-hour block of time.

If you’ve read either of my two posts about this MLB/Facebook deal, you’ll know my sentiments towards what’s going on. I find this incredibly disturbing for a variety of reasons, but largely because I find Facebook as a whole completely repugnant.

Regardless, this is the way it is, and it’s only going to get worse from here. This is an incredibly lucrative deal for Major League Baseball as the social media juggernaut is cutting a fat cheque for the exclusive rights to these games. Major League Baseball gets to reach people where they spend a lot of time, which is Facebook, while Facebook gets a nice three-hour block of time to gather data that can, in turn, be sold off to clients for marketing purposes.

As people continue to migrate from consuming information on cable television to social media applications, providers of media will actively look for different ways to reach their customers. The important thing here isn’t the media itself, instead it’s the way by which that media is produced and way we consume it. This represents another step in a massive shift for consuming media with completely different implications than ever before. The medium is the message!!!!1

Anyways, if you hate Facebook, you can enjoy the game on the radio with Dan Shulman, which isn’t a terrible alternative.

  • Barry

    Anytime I see anything streamed on Facebook, there are all these little fucking hearts flying all over the place. If that shit happens today, I swear to you that I will send every goddamn person at MLB.com an invitation to play Mafia Wars.

    • Barry

      GODDAMMIT. Unless you have it fullscreen, Facebook has the dumbass emoticons floating up the side of the screen.

      Fuck off, Facebook, and your stupid goddamn Facebooky bullshit. If you can’t do this right, don’t do it at all, you fucking morons.

  • IMW

    I will not be watching. Despite the fact that I haven’t been able to watch a game in nearly two weeks because of the weather, roof, SportsNet1, and life in general getting in the way.


    • The Humungus

      May 24 vs The Angels is also on facebook.

      It’s a 12:37 start. I’ll be there, because my work goes once a year and the boss decided he wants to see Trout and Ohtani in person.

  • sons

    So in addition to cable and mlb.tv, I now need to share all my personal info to mlb (via facebook). Imagine people who don’t even have facebook. What complete shit. Can’t organically get people to watch there so have to block out the normal means of watching. Pathetic BS.

  • Barry

    It’s actually kinda heartening to see that several people are opting out of watching the game on Facebook, and choosing to listen to it, radio-only.

    Baseball is fantastic on radio. It’s so good on radio that I usually don’t miss the visual.

    I have given up on Buck and Tabby, and now turn down the TV volume and sync the radio and TV feeds. But sometimes I’m too lazy to do the syncing, and am listening to radio that is a pitch ahead of what’s shown on TV. And I end up listening closely, but not really watching. It’s a bit of a revelation when you do that — you don’t miss much.

    So, if Facebook drives people back to radio, that’s a silver lining. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook can still fuck off, but yay, radio.

  • Warren

    People buy five Sportsnet channels to get 162 Blue Jays games. People also buy MLBTV to get 162 Blue Jays games. MLB then resells exclusive rights to Facebook. Why is the CRTC or other authorities not involved with shutting this down?

  • Warren

    Also, having to listen to Wilner saying that Grichuk and Hernandez are exactly the same player when Hernandez is batting .400 and Grichuk is batting .100 makes me want to puke.

    • The Humungus

      I literally just said this to my boss.

      Because they’re the same guy. Batted ball luck (of which Grichuk has been void) notwithstanding.

      Their batted ball profiles are nearly identical.

    • Barry

      It’s likely true, though. We’re only seeing Hernandez playing well in a short sample. He’s always been a strikeout machine, though. He’s not going to keep hitting like this for a full season. He’ll have bad stretches, and they’ll look a lot like what Grichuk is going through. Grichuk, meanwhile, is better than what he’s shown so far.

  • Barry

    The Facebook broadcast was fucking awful. The announcers were not good, but that’s only part of the problem. Showing peoples goddamn selfies and posting their Twitter and Instagram comments was just stupid, and detracted from the broadcast.

    If I gave a shit about what some couch potato was saying, I wouldn’t mute the damn comments part. But forcing it onto the screen … please, god no.

    It was almost as bad as the time CityTV broadcast a spring training game.