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Devon Travis down, Carlos Ramirez up

I don’t know if this is the move everyone was expecting, but it isn’t surprising. Given Devon Travis’ struggles at the plate and the fact he has options, the second baseman will be the odd man out as the Jays add another arm to their bullpen.

Travis has had a horrific start to the season. He’s currently slashing a .148/.212/.246 line and has struck out 18 times while walking just twice. Spending some time in Triple-A will give Travis a little breather and a chance to slam the reset button.

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He had a similar start to the year in 2017 too. On April 30, Travis owned a .388 OPS, then he went nuclear for the month of May, brought it all the way up to .729, then got hurt and missed the rest of the season.

This move will give the Jays just a three-man bench, but, in the short term, that’s fine. The Jays’ bullpen has been heavily taxed as the starters have failed to go deep into games over the past week. Lourdes Gurriel has positional versatility, which makes life easier to navigate having a shorter bench.

Josh Donaldson should be back sooner rather than later and this move makes the Jays’ roster crunch a little more clear. I would figure the Jays option Ramirez when Donaldson returns and keep Travis in Buffalo, giving him some time to regain confidence at the plate.

  • Holly Wood

    Great to see the Jays are making a move on Travis for his and the teams benefit. Hopefully he starts hitting the ball in Buffalo. Also thinking it’s time to move on from Morales. Trade, waive, designate whatever it takes. Can’t play defence and his bat has disappointed.

  • Ed Sprague Jr.'s kids

    They should have sent him down sooner. It was pretty clear something was off with his swing / hip turn synchronization from the beginning. My fav player too, btw

  • AD

    This move has more to do with roster machinations than merit. Yes, travis was struggling, but he did so last April as well but tore it up in May. His biggest issue is staying healthy which always ruins his rythm. Its unfortunate, I would have sent down diaz. Travis is a pretty damn good hitter when healthy

      • AD

        Good point, Gurriel? But you wouldnt have a backup so you are left thin. Thats why I said this move has more to do about roster machinations then merit because diaz deserves to be sent down more but its a position game.

        • Holly Wood

          If I remember correctly Diaz was brought in to provide depth not be a full time short stop. He has been at least adequate, while Travis, Grichuk, Martin and Morales struggle at the plate. With youth and promise on their side Travis and Grichuk are worth more time to sort it out but I feel they can no longer carry Morales not only because of his bat but his inability to play anywhere other than DH makes him expendable in my eye.