Photo Credit: Cliff Welch

Dwight Smith Jr. up from Triple-A

Well, despite our wildest and most completely mislead dreams, it isn’t going to be Vlad filling the 25-man roster spot opened by Anthony Alford’s demotion on Sunday. Instead, it’ll be Dwight Smith Jr. getting the call from Buffalo as the game of musical chairs of outfielders continues.

Smith is kind of a forgotten prospect, but he was a first-round pick of the Blue Jays from all the way back in 2011. He’s had a cup of coffee at the Major League level in which he’s produced a sneaky good slash line of .387/.424/.516. I mean, it’s only 33 plate appearances, but Smith has managed to smack four doubles in a limited showing. That said, his 10 strikeouts to one walk is somewhat of a concern.

I wouldn’t read too far into this beyond the Jays wanting Alford (and Dalton Pompey too) to get consistent playing time in Triple-A. Smith is an older and slightly more polished player who’s more likely to actually help the team right now, though he might not have the same upside as those other two aforementioned outfielders.

  • 0noggin

    A silver lining to all the Blue Jays’ woes with injuries and non-performance this year is that we’re getting to see some of the depth and evaluate whether any of Smith/Alford/Pompey might be part of a pennant race in September if the Jays get back to their winning ways. So far, I’d put Alford as the Jays’ best bet.

    While I wouldn’t rule out a September callup for Guerrero, the reason they’re not calling him up now is pretty clear: his defense at 3B is still borderline terrible, and he needs the reps to be ready for a callup later in the year. Only scenario he gets a look is that Morales gets injured