Blue Jays 12, Mets 1: Big Apple Beatdown but this time it was good

The Mets spanked the Blue Jays 12-2 last night. What did the Jays do today to get back at them? They spanked the Mets 12-1. Hell yeah.

Things worth mentioning…

  • It’s a damn shame that season ended with last night’s loss because today’s win sure was fun! I know the team has been bad recently and obviously the playoffs are an uphill battle because the Yankees, Red Sox, and Angels, the teams directly in competition with Toronto for playoff spots, are very good, but still, it isn’t 2017. This team will be worth watching throughout the summer, I think.
  • J.A. Happ was excellent today. Like, absolutely excellent. He went seven innings allowing just two hits. He struck out 10 batters and didn’t allow a single walk. It was the first time a Blue Jays starter had gone that deep in quite some time and the ‘pen badly needed a rest. Happ wasn’t only good on the mound. He was also excellent at the plate. The former National Leaguer went two-for-three with a walk, raising some eyebrows as to whether he should, in fact, be the once replacing Kendrys Morales in the DH slot when the Jays return to American League play.
  • Pretty much everyone enjoyed a good day at the dish. Justin Smoak hit a bomb, Toescar Hernandez hit a bomb, and even Richard Urena hit his first bomb of 2018. Luke Maile also continued his shockingly-good 2018 season with a two-for-four day at the plate.

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  • Jeff2sayshi

    I haven’t heard this anywhere else, but the Mets radio broadcast kept saying this was the first time the Jays have ever won AT the Mets. Also, first Blue Jays pitcher to get on base 3 times in a game.

  • Missileman

    Hopefully you are correct and this team will be fun to watch throughout the summer. I think what you see is what we’ll get – a team struggling to stay above the .500 mark but in today’s baseball that is good enough to keep things interesting. If the starters can get to the level most thought they would achieve, the summer could be very interesting; if not then more talk about what’s coming vice what is here now.