Deck McGuire down, Dalton Pompey up

The shuffle continues! Dalton Pompey is back with the Blue Jays as they get set to play in a National League series with the Philadelphia Phillies. Going back down to Buffalo will be mop up guy Deck McGuire.

I have no idea who’s on the 25-man roster anymore off the top of my head. So it looks like the Jays now have seven relievers and they’re back to five outfielders. It makes sense that Pompey is up because the team will need, at some point this weekend, somebody to use in pinch running situations.

Also, Jaime Garcia is set to come back on Saturday so there’ll be another roster move to be made. I imagine it’ll be a pitcher going down to Buffalo. But will it be Sam Gaviglio or Joe Biagini getting on the bus? I really, really hope they just let Biagini be a reliever at this point, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    Does anyone sort of sense a smell of a touch of chaos in FO thinking? I can understand roster moves, but not on this scale. We don’t even have a natural SS out there. I don’t know…almost like it reeks of desperation and hope that they catch lightening in a bottle. Not to mention, it cannot be good for the confidence of the players. Come up, make a mistake and get sent down. They they get the next call, and you have to wonder if they now think that they need to perform, and press a bit and well, the cycle continues. I don’t know, it seems a bit out of character for these guys.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Wanted to add, I say all of this, outside the scope of normal roster moves. Ie, we need a pitcher, so someone has to go down. Maybe I’m thinking more about positional players…especially the outfield. Can’t be good for Pompey, Smith, Alford et al to be yanked up and down. I don’t know, I get I have no clue about what the FO is thinking…but it got me to thinking…..

      • Mose

        I respect your comments and I admire how Gibbers seem to give each player a fair chance when they’re called up.

        When Diaz went down, Gift, Gurriel, Urena & Urshela were given each time to earn the role. Yes, Urena blew up defensively one game, but those two errors seems more like icing on a cake of very limited production. Although Urshela isn’t a “natural” SS, he’s ok defensively & he’s had some offensive highlights.

        Seems Gibbers has given the Teoscars, Alfords, Pompeys & Smith Jr’s a fair shot too and Teoscar stepped up. Personally disappointed that Pompey hasn’t yet, and sensing he may never.

        Like you, I think it’s important players aren’t yanked around, and for me, it seems Gibbers does well in balancing opportunity with the need for results.

        Your thoughts/perspective? What did I miss?

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Not sure it’s Gibbons that’s calling them up or sending them down. I was thinking Atkens, but not sure. However Smith has been up and down, Pompey, up and down, Alford, up and down. I think though, that a player should be given a good chunk of the season to see what they have…not a week or 10 days. Let them know, it’s theirs and to run with it. I know it’s easy being an armchair manager. But to me things seem a bit chaotic.