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Ryan Borucki to make MLB debut Tuesday

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. With the season all but over and the trade deadline approaching in just over a month, we’re going to start seeing some Large Adult Sons populate the roster the rest of the way.

Making his MLB debut on Tuesday in place of Aaron Sanchez, per Shi Davidi, will be lefty Ryan Borucki.

Borucki was originally drafted by the Jays in the 15th round of the 2012 draft. He was never really a highly-touted prospect until his breakout season last year in which he posted a 2.93 ERA in 26 starts between Single-A, Double-A, and Triple-A. This year with the Buffalo Bisons Borucki has 3.27 ERA but has pitched better as the season has gone along.

Based on Toronto’s starting situation, Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman being the only starters under control for next year (no, I don’t even count Jaime Garcia), there’s a fair chance Borucki could be in the rotation in 2019.

He certainly isn’t getting any favours with his landing spot. He’ll debut in Houston against the defending World Series champions, a team that’s averaging 5.10 runs-per-game. Chuck him in the deep end and see if he can swim!

  • Terry Mesmer

    Be interesting to see, though we shouldn’t expect too much. The Buffalo rotation has little AAA experience and it’s too early to say if any of them can come up in 2019.

    > Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman being the only starters under control for next year

    Sam Gaviglio is still in the rotation — over Biagini — and under control through 2023.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      I predict that Sam Gaviglio will not be in the rotation next year. Possibly not even in September. I do this, by looking at tea leaves, while listening to Led Zeppelin’s live version of No Quarter, and Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors…at the same time!

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Yeah..it helps me read tea leaves and make predictions. I might take it on the road and do it out of Tim Hortons for the older crowd..my latest prediction is that the Angels will call in the off season and ask about Kendrys..at the behest of their owner. Now let me turn up the music and let the music play. The spirits are restless…and I’m feeling a whole lotta love!!!

          • The Humungus

            I am incapable of referencing more than five Cyndi Lauper songs. Likely because all her hits were released prior to my 6th birthday.

            I could go all day on Zep, though. Because I have a Dad who was born in 1955 (and actually saw Zep at the Gardens when he was in high school, the bastard).

          • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

            Yeah I was in high school when she was big. I was in Grade 7 when Bonham died. I remember a buddy of mine used to buy multiple copies of each album because Zeppellin would make subtle differences on the covers. Never got the chance to see them of course but would have loved to. Same for Pink Floyd. Tried for tixs in Toronto back inthe early 90’s but they sold out in like 15 mins. I know I sound like an old guy…..I guess I may be actually, but as a Rock and Roll type I’m not enjoying this endless sea of hip hop. It all sounds the same. No artists have any real staying power and where is the music…performed live that is…It’s because of this that I eventually became a fan of Nickleback. Yep. I’m the only on…who admits it. ???. Give me them over the latest rapper anyday.

          • The Humungus

            You should check out some stoner rock, man. Some of it, particularly the more doom stuff might be a bit on the heavy side (Sleep isn’t for everyone), but Baroness might be right up your alley if you dig Zep and Floyd (assuming that anyone who likes those bands probably digs Sabbath as well)

            Far as hip hop goes, I can’t fuck with most of the new stuff either. My tastes generally run 1987-2000 in that genre. I love LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells radio on Sirius.

            But seriously, Nickelback sucks noodles, man. Dig on some Baroness. Or, if you like Motorhead type stuff, hit up Peter Pan Speedrock from Holland.

          • The Humungus

            I saw them in July of 98 at the Opera House (w/ Soulfly & Incubus). I had their first album when it came out, but sort of went away from it after that.

          • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

            Yeah their 2 year hiatus has been going on for what 10, 11 years now. Yeah always looking for something new. Big Van Halen fan back in the day. Saw them in 94 down at old orchard beach in Maine..of all places. Our lady peace was supposed to open. They didn’t show….Haggar announced it and said they woukd play longer..and they did. This was right before Eddie took the final plunge into hard core drugs and pretty much ruined things. But man what a concert. In a small baseball stadium about 7000 people…..not a bad seat in the house..and we were about 30 feet from the stage….

            Now…..yeah its all about the memories of the way music was. I still can’t get away from the 60’s and 70’s. My 5 year old…I have been i troducing music to him and he loves the old stuff so far. Says his mothers music is to soft…she listen to todays music. He loves the beatles amd pink floyd. Played Right Now the other day on You Tube and he loved it…good god when did I become and old guy ????

  • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

    Here’s to a rookie debut for the ages. Love a no hitter, but would settle for 6 innings 1 run, 7 SO’s and leaving the game with a lead! It would be great to see Borucki rise the the occasion and make his debut special.