Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This Is Seriously The Best Jays News

When I think of Buffalo, I think of the Anchor Bar, Gabriel’s Gate, and Wing Kings. I think of driving over the border with my friends to eat the best damn chicken wings in North America. I think of road trips to Bisons games, lazy summer afternoon baseball, and more chicken wings – a couple beers and some booze, of course.

Yeah, I know, I’m a bit Buffalo crazy right now but that’s because Jon Mororororosi reported this afternoon on the MLB Network that the Blue Jays have discussed the *possibility* of promoting the thicc AF all-eyez-on-me future Vladdy star to Buffalo when he returns from his injury.

Big bad Vlad, who has pretty much completely recovered from that strained patella tendon, is almost ready to get back to crushing and murdering baseballs. If he rehabs at the lower levels for a few games and then gets promoted to the Bisons, that’s totally cool. The whole damn thing is totally cool. Vladdy coming back to baseball is totally cool. Period. Wherever he ends up playing, it’s totally cool…but Buffalo?!?!?!?!?!?! Hells yesss, inject that shit into all of us.

It’s just that this Jays season has been shitty, and we have all been sitting at the bar reaching for the bottle of Vlad to cheer up, and then that bottle was taken away from us. Soon that bottle is going to be back for us to drink out of as the summer months press on. And that bottle of pure effing awesome might only be a drive away if you live in Toronto – or within driving distance to Buffalo.

This seriously might be the best news of the week because Vlad is almost ready to come back and he might be joining the Bisons. So, if you’re close enough, jump on the QEW to NY-266 N in Buffalo and then take exit 8 from the I-190 S when Vladdy gets promoted. And when you’re at Coca-Cola Field watching Vladdy do Vladdy things, make sure to start a ‘Call. Him. Up.’ chant.

Before the shitty injury, Vladdy hit 11 dingers and had 55 ol’ school RBIs. He only struck out 21 times in 204 at-bats. He was hitting .407 and had a 1.124 OPS. Soon he will be back and hopefully with the Bisons to continue to show why he is the best damn prospect in all of baseball. Either way, this is some good stuff kind of news folks.