Drunk Jays Thoughts: Stroman’s Shimmy Future

(Cam and I thought it’d be cool if I started a little series where I write about whatever crazy nonsense I want, so you can all get in on it and offer your drunkish thoughts, too.)

If you love Marcus Stroman or hate him, I don’t really give a damn to be very effing honest with you. If you’re at the point where you smh his cliché tweets and roll your eyes at some of the dumb immature stuff he says for a 27-year-old adult, I get it. If the way he carries himself off the field kind of makes you throw up a bit, I can get that too.

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But, honestly who really gives a shit about all that stuff? Or is this type of shit important for Team Shapiro to consider when putting together a future roster that will hopefully lead to a fucking parade down Yonge St.? At the end of the damn baseball day, Jays fans want their team to have a solid rotation of pitchers in 2021 and beyond, amirite?

Even though Stroman had a totally shitty first half of the season, his career totals for the Jays are pretty rock n’ roll. And when his stuff is good, it’s nasty AF to watch. He is 40 – 32 with 3.82 ERA since joining the Jays back in 2014. He has a career 1.276 WHIP, 3.64 FIP, and posts a damn impressive 7.3 Ks per 9 versus 2.5 BBs per 9 – not too bad at all. And let’s not forget the whole Golden Glove thing, too.

Now, this isn’t some drunk rah rah Stroman piece or anything, it’s just that he’s a good pitcher. Great? Not yet, maybe one day…maybe. And he’s young enough that he could be an important piece in the future rotation. The thing is, he could be an even more important piece the Jays front office hold in their pocket when they think about a long term rebuild, as well.

Marcus Stroman is juicy trade bait even with his shimmy shaking whatever. Any competing team would love to add a pitcher like Stroman, who comes with cheap arb years, to their rotation. This type of trade might not happen at the deadline, but it definitely could happen this offseason. And this type of trade could land the Jays something savagely delicious for the future Vladdy plakata years to come.

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As we all know, Mark Shapiro did something that had Clevelanders howling into the wind when on June 27, 2002, he traded a 29-year-old Bartolo Colon and Minor League pitcher Tim Drew to the Expos for first baseman Lee Stevens and prospects Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore.

Colon, who was 10-4 with a 2.55 ERA at the time, and was a real deal ‘ace’ was traded to our ol’ friends the Expos to help them make a run at the postseason. The rest is history. And Marcus Stroman is no Bartolo Colon, but who the hell is?

I guess, the rum punch point that I’m trying to make is that Stroman is of a similar age and, yes, he is no Bartolo Colon, but he could set the already bright Jays future up with some more damn prospect-y booze that we’re all drunk on right now if he was traded in the offseason – or even at the deadline.

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But, the timing just doesn’t seem right for Stroman to be traded at the deadline with his whole shitty first half of the season thing, with the Happ who will be traded in the next minute thing, and with the who the fuck will pitch for the Jays for the rest of the season thing. But the offseason? Sure, especially if he has a strong second half, which I bet he does because he is that good.

If the front office decides to trade Stroman, it won’t turn into the “trade of the decade”, but it could turn into the “trade of the future” for the Jays. It’s no damn secret that Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins have their eyes set on the miles in front of them and nothing else. So, in those miles ahead, do they see Stroman standing on the dirt hill at the place we all call Dome, or do they see other *SANCHEZ* pitchers out there?

The Jays have pitchers coming up through the system, who just might be the real MLB stuff, but you never know. With the emergence of Ryan Borucki over the past year, the reemergence of SRF, the high hopes for big Nate Pearson, first rounder TJ Zeuch, and that Brazilian boy wonder in Bluefield, there’s a lot to like about the future Jays rotation. And believe me – as all you prospect lovers know – I could add many more names to the list.

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So, about Marcus Stroman…what will the front office do? If you think he’s a cocky 27-year-old man who needs to learn how to act like a professional and not like a childish little brat, I get it. If you love the attitude and the tweets and his brand, I get it.

Personally, I don’t give a shit. I care about talent. Stroman has talent. Stroman is good. He is no Bartolo Colon, but he could be the major piece in Team Shapiro’s newer version of that Cleveland trade, or maybe he’s a major piece that helps this team win the damn golden flags.

What are your drunkish Jays thoughts about this Stroman stuff?

  • Stro's absurd slider

    I used to care about all that other crap but as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten used to the fact that 75-90% if big leaguers are probably dickheads. Whether it’s pillar liking trump tweets or all the cockiness shown from whoever, I just want to watch good baseball. And stroman is good baseball. So, keep him or trade him, but just give me a team I can watch play ball.

  • The Humungus

    I have a radical idea. Stay with me here.

    Trade Stroman and Sanchez. Both.

    There’s a few caveats here. First, let’s see how they perform the last few months. They have to prove what’s been happening this year so far are blips, not regresions.

    Second, you NEED to sign a free agent, top end pitcher. You can afford to overpay if you have a young, cheap team. Fuck it, give Kershaw more than Scherzer. Trade solid prospects for MadBum (but require you get to negotiate an extension first).

    The reasoning:

    Both guys have two years of control remaining after this year. If they regain form, there’s serious value there, especially to budget conscious contenders.

    But yeah, fuck it. Trade ’em both. If the circumstances are right.

  • Steve-O

    He’s good. Trading him now (or even in the offseason) after a down year would be poor asset management, so it doesn’t make sense to me.

    Finding good, relatively young, affordable and controllable arms is hard to do. (The whole one bird in hand being worth more than two in the bush thing. Yes, I’m old. Get off my lawn.)

    Are there some intruiging arms in the system? Sure. Is there any guarantee that any of them will end up being better than Stroman or Sanchez. No. When you have 2 parts of an MLB rotation under control for 2 more years, you keep them unless you want to go the Orioles route and be utterly terrible.

    BTW, slightly off topic but related: I happen to think the roster next year with a healthy Dosh (assuming he is offered and signs a QO) isn’t a lost cause at all. It would be another ‘everything has to break right’ type season, but that happens sometimes you know. Having a competent rotation (this is where Stroman comes in) is a critical part of that. I want no part of a scorched earth tear-down. The Jays can try to compete in 2019 with an eye towards a fresh influx of talent in 2020, you silly fuckers.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Excuse me sir, would you like your lawn mowed for $5.00? If not, please keep my name in mind. It’s Billy Tucker, not silly fucker!!! 🙂

      Yeah, I think keeping Sanchez around and see whats’ what is perfect. Stroman, well, you know, he needs to grow a bit, maturity wise. The team needs to sit down with him and let him know, the when he does an interview, he is representing the Jays and not is own brand. That kind of thing. I have no idea what he is like in the clubhouse, but if he is a cancer, then yeah, look into trading him over the winter, when the return would probably be better. If that does happen though, the Jays better ante up and try for a FA or look into finding a trading partner for someone decent to try and replace Stromans performance. I know, I know, easier said than done, just agreeing that it should not be a scorched earth policy for the Jays. I think there is a real optimism, that the Jays are going to compete in 2020. They might, but honestly, I’m thinking the early 20’s. We have a wave of talent coming. Great, but they will all be rookies. Are we going to start a team of rookies? No, we will ease them in and grow through the growing pains. Yes, the FO, should also be on the hunt for FA’s to support the young core, but TO isn’t an easy sell with FA’s, without the over pay.

      • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

        That being said, I’m one of the wildly optimistic ones who think we will be wild card contenders as early as 2019, if things break right and you know…Baseball.

  • Oz Rob

    What exactly is going on with Sanchez finger anyway? It all sounds so vague and mysterious..I can’t help thinking it’s blisters. This is such a forgotten team. We’ve forgotten about Tulo, forgotten about Donaldson, and now sort of forgotten about Sanchez….there’s probably a few more, but I’ve forgotten their names.