Lourdes Gurriel leaves game with injury after tying multi-hit game record

We are living in a simulated version of hell. Just a few minutes after Lourdes Gurriel tied the American League record for most consecutive multi-hit games, the exciting rookie left the game with an apparent injury.

Gurriel had a single in the first inning and then drove in a run with another single in the eighth inning. The Jays rallied for five in the ninth inning, capped off by a Gurriel single that drove in Luke Maile from second base. Gurriel tried to stretch the single into a double and fell awkwardly as he tried to dodge the tag.

This timing obviously couldn’t be worse. It’s one thing to have a player go down with a freak injury like this, but it’s another when they’re in the midst of a legendary streak like the one Gurriel is having right now. Hopefully it isn’t serious.

Another thing to note here: When Gurriel left the game, Brandon Drury switched to second and Russell Martin came in at third while Devon Travis, the logical replacement, stayed on the bench. I have no idea what that means, but it’s something to monitor.

UPDATE: Apparently Travis wasn’t available because of a sore back. Moving along.

This doesn’t sound good.

This doesn’t sound as bad!

    • Mose

      I hope Travis figures it out too.

      Although he’s been healthy to date this year, perhaps the rest days he’s been given to protect his health have negatively impacted his timing at the plate.

      He certainly hasn’t grabbed 2nd base and made it his own this year, and as the Jays add more MLB ready talent, I’m guessing his clock is ticking.

  • JimmyV1965

    I’d trade Travis in a heartbeat. I have no idea why anyone would want him though. Can’t hit, can’t play defence and he’s hurt all the time. My least favourite Jay.

  • TGreg

    with the options that are available for next year – Gurriel, Drury, Solarte, and Biggio in the minors – if we can get anything of value for Travis I’d do it in a heartbeat (but I’m guessing nobody is willing to part with a decent prospect so nothing will happen)