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Random stuff worth mentioning after the trade deadline

The Blue Jays sold five players prior to Major League Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline — Steve Pearce, J.A. Happ, Roberto Osuna, John Axford, and Aaron Loup — but still have a handful of possible rental players left to move in August. Uhhhh six actually I completely forgot about The Final Boss. Whoops!

One of the major players the Jays didn’t move prior to the deadline was Josh Donaldson. This doesn’t really come as much of a surprise considering Donaldson hasn’t played since late-May and his value is at an all-time low. Still, given the fact there was interest, it seems likely Donaldson will end up getting dealt in August. Well, at the very least the Jays will try to trade him, but there’s no guarantee that another team won’t claim him on waivers and block it.

The other two guys I think we all expected to go that didn’t were Curtis Granderson and Tyler Clippard. Ross Atkins said that there was interest for both player but the Jays weren’t able to get the kind of return they were looking for. I imagine the plan now is to hang on to both of them until another team becomes more desperate closer to the end of August.

This was interesting. I don’t think anybody actually expected the Jays to deal either Sanchez or Stroman at this stage given the fact both pitchers have multiple years of control left, but it sort of suggests where other teams believe the Jays are at in their rebuild. To be honest, I wouldn’t be shocked if either pitcher wasn’t with the team next season, but, if a deal is going to be made, it’ll be during the off-season, I imagine.

Another interesting note, the Jays saved a whole bunch of cash dumping the players that they did this summer. Last year, the Jays managed to get a nice return for Francisco Liriano because they flexed their financial muscle and took on Nori Aoki’s deal. Was that the same case this year? The team didn’t eat any of Happ’s remaining deal and perhaps that’s why they didn’t get as large of a return as we might have expected.

Atkins goes on to decline the notion, suggesting that there weren’t any instances in which flexing financial flexibility was necessary in a deal. The money will also apparently be sunk back into the team next season if the opportunity presents itself. That means there’s money to be spent on the team so long as they think it’s worthwhile. That, uh, doesn’t sound too promising.

Stephen Brunt mentioned that he thinks John Gibbons is going to get fired before the end of the season. That would be, uh, shocking considering this team’s failure is in no way on his shoulders. I can’t see what the Jays would gain at this point from axing Gibbons, a manager who’s loved by the players, before the conclusion of the season. I could see him and the organization parting ways in the winter, but doing it in the season would be weird.

This is just a random tweet and it doesn’t really mean anything but I found the timing of it really funny. I don’t mean to poke fun at Arash Madani, or anything, but why the fuck was trading Aaron Loup of all guys the thing that triggered this?! Is Loup really the face that we attach to the 2015 and 2016 teams?!

And finally, as Vlad Jr. is set to begin his career at Triple-A, here’s a quote setting up the inevitable “we have to keep him down to start the year for his, uh, development!” we’ll be seeing a bunch come spring training 2019.

  • AD

    I would not call this deadline a success, sadly. Jays needed promising young players to build around vlad JR and got very few if any. This isn’t basketball where one player can come in and make a huge difference, Jays have a lot of work to do. Some bad luck happened with injuries to JD, Estrada, Tulo etc and underperformance but you can blame the Front office for not selling this past winter. Everybody could see the major question marks on this team. Not enough was done to have this team compete with BOS and NYY, the goal was the 2nd WC (if everything breaks right) which is fucking stupid because it rarely ever does. This was no doubt pushed by Rogers for financial reasons $$$ (I can’t fucking wait till they sell the team) but the FO agreed to it. You need to build the team to win the division and see what happens. The right time to sell was in the offseason and I’m sure the returns would have been better for happ, estrada, JD etc. I just don’t see a path to contention for the next 3-5 years, nyy and bos are just too strong, young, and run by smart GMs with deep financial pockets.

    • Torquemada

      “Everybody could see the major question marks on this team.”

      If you couldn’t see potential for contention at the start of the season with this team then you were being willfully blind. My guess is you could see a path for contention in April and conveniently ignoring it now to make your point.

      • AD

        Yes, but you could also see how it could fall apart. The whole premise of aiming for the 2nd WC is fucking stupid. Either build a team strong enough to win the division or fucking rebuild and build it back up.

        • Sovtechno

          Hindsight is 20-20. That said, I doubt an offseason rebuild declaration would have moved the needle that fair in the positive direction. The only player they surely could have gotten more for in the offseason is Donaldson. The rest you are making assumptions, and baseless ones at that.

    • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

      Another well thought out and brilliant post by the gm in waiting!!! Your hindsight is so amazing!!! Seriously can you for once offer an opinion that isn’t an attempt to display your amazing ability to reason in hindsight, while whining “I told you so”? I miss Stoetan but one of the things I miss the most is that he would have probably blocked your asinine whinging commenting….

    • Dexxter

      Hard to be too critical of them for not tearing it down in the off-season. Hindsight is 20/20 but this team was projected to have the sixth best record in the AL. Don’t need that much to go right to jump into 5th. A’s, Mariners and Twins were all projected behind them and didn’t jump into a rebuild either. Rays did jump into a rebuild and were expected to be one of the worst teams in the league. Angels went all in and are behind the Rays.

      Baseball is a funny game.

      Osuna’s situation was unpredictable. JDs injury trouble was unfortunate. Stroman, Sanchez and Martin having terrible years was unlikely.

      Now they are where they are and we hope for a quick return to contention…. maybe in 2020? Yankees look strong for a while. Rays are building to contention with a strong farm but have no money to spend. Red Sox are strong now but Dombrowski has pulled his typical scorched earth management style on their farm system. It’s a barren wasteland and Mookie won’t be on arbitration salaries forever. And the Orioles…. well. You know.

      • AD

        Martin you could definitely see a bad year coming. He’s been declining for 3 years now. Stroman was an unpleasant surprise and Sanchez was up in the air. We don’t have a lot of promise coming up in the farm other than vlad JR and bichette. No other “big ticket” prospects. We have a hard time attracting good free agents when the team is winning (which should not be the case but alas), now when we suck, good luck. Just hard to see anything but mediocrity for the next 3-5 years.

        • Paul Beestons Grass Surface

          Wow, you could definitely see that a bad year was coming? Why didn’t you say something to the Front office?
          And nothing besides VG and Bichette on the farm eh. I guess Alford, Pearson, Warmoth, Jansen, Pardinho, Borucki, Zeuch, Reid-Foley…hmm…sure looks like mlb’s Jays top 8 after Vlad and Bichette. Not to mention Biggio. Kevin Smith…..yeah, you’re right, nothing to get excited about here. I guess your crystal ball never lies, and that’s that, we’re destined to 3-5 years of mediocrity because Ad/Nice Guy Eddie said so. Oh and while you’re at it, can you tell us all the winning 6/49 numbers genius?

  • Torquemada

    My Shadenfreudistic dream: some team in AL East perilously close to the luxury tax threshold puts in a waiver claim in Donaldson and then we just..let him go. Wouldn’t screwing over the Yanks or Red Sox be worth more than we’d realistically get back in return at this point?

    • The Humungus

      The BoSox have blown way past the tax threshold already, so they would gladly take on JD if they could have him for just cash. Plus, literally every other team in the AL would get a crack at him before them, and I don’t see him getting by Oakland, Houston, Seattle, Cleveland and New York when the BoSox have a clear need for an upgrade at 3rd.

      • Dexxter

        Agreed. There is zero chance he gets through waivers and is traded in August.

        The Yankees would eat the rest of his contract this year if necessary just to stop him from going to the Red Sox. And the Jays will never let him go for nothing because they will QO him in the off season and recoup a draft pick or get him as a bounce back candidate on a 1 year deal.

        He can be a one man wrecking crew if he’s healthy and gets hot for the playoffs. No way any playoff team lets him get to someone they may have to play against.

  • Nice Guy Eddie

    Arash Madani’s claim that the 2015 and 16 team has been dismantled is horseshoe. Tulo, Donaldson, Martin, Travis haven’t been dismantled, they’re just worthless. Sanchez, Stroman and Pillar haven’t been dismantled either. They just either don’t play or are meh. It’s what happens when you sell out for an old team with a razor thin window.

  • Oz Rob

    Am I the only one in a state of shock? The season actually felt kind of promising in spring training. But it’s been worst case scenario and then some. As Shi Davidi wrote today, this type of fire sale has never really happened to us before. I really try and have faith in Shapiro and Atkins (even though I find Atkins robotic cliche filled corporate drone personna increasingly unsatisfying and depressing) and I know a lot of the train wreck season is not their fault…but can someone…Cam…Ryan…please give me (everyone) some assurance that they really do have a plan that has a chance to work and we should have faith because they are smart savvy dudes? Everything seems so bad now it’s hard to see past the gloom. Even our star studded prospects seem stuck in a mire of midfielders.

    • The Humungus

      Last I looked, 5 of the guys they picked up are shown on MLB.com’s Blue Jays top 30. Rowdy Tellez is now the 30th ranked prospect in the system. They have 5 guys in the top 100, which is as many or more than 24 or 25 franchises (can’t remember exactly).

      They have an emphasis on player development, and the AGM in control of that, Ben Cherington, built the Red Sox system that produced Mookie Betts, Xander Boagaarts, Andrew Benintiendi, Travis Shaw and all the hyped prospects they’ve traded away to get guys like Sale.

      As many as six of the Jays farm teams could make the playoffs this year, with Lansing already having earned a spot and New Hampshire looking like a near-lock.

      They drafted extremely high-upside players this year, as well as signing a few high-upside international talents the last two years in Hiraldo, Pardinho and Martinez.

      Rogers has, despite it’s faults, shown the ability to juice up payroll to top 10 levels, which should be more than enough to remain financially competitive when they’ve got guys playing beyond their meager pre-FA deals.

      And finally, the Yankees look a bit daunting, and the Rays made good moves. But the Red Sox and Orioles have two guys running the teams who are very much stuck 10-15 years in the past in terms of organizational philosphy.

      • Mose

        Loving the talent they’re acquiring and the overall depth they’re building, and still enjoying our Jays of today, with kudos to:
        – Gurriel Jr. swinging at and hitting everything (almost seems he’s paying homage to Vladdy Sr.)
        – Borucki “Buerle-ing” aka pitching (He can actually locate his 2 seamer and change up)
        – Smoak smoke in his recent hot streak while picking everything at 1st.
        – Pillar making great catches
        – Hearing circus music whenever the ball is hit to Teoscar
        – Solarte swinging out of his shoes on #everysinglepitch
        – No more Arash/Biagini interviews please…

        And for perspective…

        Imagine being an Angels fan and after their $$$$$ spend on Kinsler, Cozart, Upton and after winning Ohtani and still 9 games of the WC and with the best player on the planet. That’s a lotta ands….

        The Twins year didn’t break right either, after Buxton broke (again) and other injuries and poor performance did them in.

        Imagine being a Mets fans with their stud rotation, and being terrible, again, and again, and again… (in reference and reverence to Herb Brooks in Miracle)

        On paper, the Nats could win it all, and yet they were ready to cash in on Harper at the deadline and retool for next year.

        Imagine the strife the Cardinals are going through and how can an SF Giants fan possibly go for 2+ years without MadBum bringing home and WS trophy?

        It could be worse…. we could all be Edm Oiler fans…. 🙂

        • The Humungus

          I’m an Oilers fan 🙁

          You’re exactly right. Imagine being the Nats and having arguably the best pitcher in baseball as well as a good rotation and decent bullpen and having all of your hitters just start to suck simultaneously. Murphy-Rendon-Harper were murderers last year and they’re all down comparatively.

          Also, Borucki is a Buehrle fan from when he was a kid. Which is amazing. If he can be a Buehrle for the Jays for the next 6 or more years, I’m fine with it. Pencil him in the 4/5 spot and just go.

          • Mose

            Yup, long standing Oil fan too, from the glory days to 80+ games of medicinal spirits 😉

            And if you’ve haven’t yet experienced McDavid’s speed and quickness in person, him and Vladdy Jr. are at the top of the bucket list.

            Agreed and loving Borucki’s compete factor. Looking forward to Pannone and Reid-Foley MLB debuts AND recognizing that timing is crucial to player development so willing to be patient too.

            In alignment with your earlier description of Jays mgmt and their proven track record, I trust their player development work.

            Fingers crossed Cherrington isn’t cherry-picked as a managerial candidate. He’s probably deserving but selfishly I’d rather him make his magic with all the talent the Jays are acquiring.

    • McNamee’s Beer Can

      Also, the guys this FO signed to help stay in contention are mostly on 1 year deals Can’t be upset about that, since they flipped some of them for players that may or may not help, but Axford , Pearce and Happ weren’t going to get QO at the end of the year. There is a lot of money coming off the books in the next 1-2 years that can help build a team around the Jays farm system and money spends anywhere.