Anyone need some Vlad Jr. content?

Boy oh boy, the Blue Jays are painful to watch right now. The Seattle series was good and fun, but since returning home the Jays have put up a couple miserable performances against an absolutely dominant Boston Red Sox team.

I think Nick Ashborne over at Yahoo Sports said it perfectly when he wrote that the worst thing about the Jays right now is the lack of intrigue on the big league roster. Ryan Borucki is really the only prospect on the team, otherwise the most intriguing storylines, as Ashborne writes, are things like whether or not Randal Grichuk and Aledmys Diaz have a future with the team.

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Soooooo I’m going to brighten your day with some fresh Vlad Jr. content! The largest of Large Adult Sons had a big game yesterday, going three-for-four with his first bomb at the Triple-A level.

Vlad has hit the ground running with the Bisons, though I don’t think there was any remote concern that he wouldn’t. In eight games, baseball’s best prospect has gone 10-for-22 with eight walks and two strikeouts. For the season between Triple-, Double-A, and his rehab stint in the lower levels, Vlad is slashing an obscene .405/.461/.669 line.

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It’s honestly pretty difficult to put into words just how good Vlad’s season has been. For the sake of comparison… 19-year-old Mike Trout .307/.385/.492 at Double-A and saw 40 games with the Angels in September. 19-year-old Miguel Cabrera had a .365/.429/.609 line in Double-A before getting the call mid-way through the season to help the Marlins win the 2003 World Series. 18-year-old (!!!) A-Rod posted a .312/.376/.577 line between three levels before getting a cup of coffee with the Mariners. He then slashed, as a 19-year-old, .360/.411/.654 in in 54 Triple-A games before permanently getting called up. And so on and so on. The fact Vlad Jr. is flirting with a .400 batting average right now is nothing short of insane.

And, as Vlad Sr. points out, he can field too!

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I’m interested to see how the organization validates letting him spend an extra month in the minors at the beginning of next season.

  • Andy Z

    I think it will be easy to validate him coming up in late-April after the service clock issues resolve themselves. Assuming he avoids injuries, Vlad should be a “very good” to “generational” talent. He will break records in arbitration and likely will not be amenable to a long-term deal unless he is getting a huge guarantee. So, we can accept that he is going to be get expensive in the last few years of his time with the Jays before he hits free agency.

    That being said – we need him to stay cheap for as long as possible. And, we need to hang onto him for as long as possible. If and when he reaches the free agency market, he will be Manny Machado. He will be Bryce Harper. Are the Blue Jays signing guys like that in 2025/26? I doubt it. So, we need him under control for as many years as possible to open a new window and keep it open until the next Vlad is ready. If we keep him in free agency, awesome. Two Vlads.

    Finally – and tied to that last point – we need to build a team around him when he is still here. We are trying to do that, but it won’t be ready next year. May not be ready for 2020 either. So, by keeping him down for 3-4 weeks in 2019, the Jays are hopefully ensuring themselves 5 kicks at the can with a young talented team rather than 4. Is it manipulative? Yes. Is it unfair? Yes. But will the fans care about it in 2021-2025? Probably not. And if we operate on the assumption that the Jays aren’t a great bet to keep Vlad beyond 2025, does doing this to him really affect their chances of keeping him around? Probably not.

    So, that’s how i deal with it. I’m sure Shapiro and Atkins will say he needs to work on his footwork. Whatever keeps him around longer works for me.

    • El Cabeza

      I’m all four your plan of maximizing team control, but fuck arbitration. If he continues on this development path into the majors (he will), he will one of the very best hitters in baseball for a long time. The team should be doing everything in its power to lock him up long term before the arb/FA years.

      • The Humungus

        I’m with you. I’d be fine with holding him back until they get the 6+ years of control, rather than flat 6. But if they try to avoid Super 2, fuck that shit.

      • lukewarmwater

        I truly believe Rogers will simply refuse to pay the big bucks after he is due for free agency if he is truly the real deal like his dad. Sad to see Jay fans simply genuflect to Edward Rogers who rips the fans off all these years except for about one and a half years. I mean what is in the drinking water of so many Jay fans who are satisfied with mediocrity and don’t want to compete with the big boys, i.e. Boston, Yankees, Dodgers who actually want to win for their fans. As I’ve stated Rogers is worth gazillions and the city of Toronto is the fourth largest market in North America. Heh Eddy Rogers sell the Jays to some one who wants to win and take that pigeon shit infested statue with you.

    • lukewarmwater

      What is unfair is you are faithfully buying into Rogers game plan that we are the equivalent of the Oakland A’s , Rays or Padres. That we are a farm team for the big boys like Boston, Yankees, Dodgers who want to win for their fans. Clue in we are the FREAKING FOURTH LARGEST MARKET IN NORTH AMERICA. We are owned by one of the worst organisations in baseball. Rogers is equivalent to the way Molsons is now running the Canadians and the way the Aquilini clan out in Vancouver run the Canucks.
      Rogers in their long, long, long tenure as owners have given the Jay fans a year and a half of excitement. SORRY IT AIN’T GOOD ENOUGH. But obviously it is for you.