All aboard the Phillies Bandwagon

Not sure which team to cheer for down the stretch? Is the idea of a Red Sox or Yankees World Series too daunting for you to pay attention? Well, the Phillies just gave you a reason to care about them.

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The GOAT has joined the Phillies. They currently sit three-and-a-half games back of the Atlanta Braves for the National League East and they’re one of, like, a half dozen teams within striking distance of the NL Wild Card.

Bautista has slashed a .196/.339/.364 line in 95 games between the Mets and Braves this year. The Phillies will be his third team, and, hilariously, they’ve all been in the NL East. That’s some Kelly Johnson shit.

So, there you go. If you were looking for a bandwagon team, now you have one. Let’s see the GOAT get back to the playoffs.