Blue Jays fire two coaches

I was at a local watering hole when news broke that the Jays tossed Brook Jacoby and Tim Leiper into the can, AND it’s not exactly shocking stuff. Now, some of you are probably out and about doing your weekend things and have already seen the news on your smart-whatevers.

Rumours started to circulate around Twitter earlier in the day when people noticed that Jacoby’s name was removed from the team’s website, which is pretty funny stuff. After Twitter spazzes sort of spazzed out about this, John Lott pulled the covers off of this rumour to make it official:

But, then the real drama followed because moments later…

(Godspeed, Leips)

None of this news is really surprising because Captain Charlie is going to surround himself with his own crew, so – who’s next? DeMarlo Hale? Luis Rivera? Pete Walker?

I have a real hard time seeing the Jays move on from Pete Walker because nobody tosses Pete Walker into the can. But, who knows if Hale and Rivera are going to be a part of Montoyo’s ship and do you actually care? I mean, you never want to see anybody lose their job because losing your job sucks. But, I’m sure that everything is going to be just fine in Jacoby and Leiper land and for whoever else that doesn’t make the Charlie cut.

Yup, this is it folks…This Saturday’s offseason headline. The breaking news that probably doesn’t surprise any of you. I know that a shit ton of fans are going to be upset about the Leiper thing because people loved their gingery first base coach and his helmet, but this is the way the Charlie wind blows.

Personally, I think that Gibby and Leiper should start their own call in Jays Talk radio show moving forward. That would be some good stuff. Maybe they could call it Tall Cans and Jays with Gibby and Leips.

So, now we will all sit on the edge of our bar stools tonight while we anticipate who will be named the new hitting and first base coach, right? I think that if Bautista doesn’t go to Japan, he would make a fine hitting coach. And they could pencil in Martin to coach first. But, in all seriousness…Bautista would be a fine hitting coach.

Let the offseason fun times begin folks. I am going to go back to doing Saturday things now, and I will have a Coors Light in honour of Leips. Maybe I will listen to some Ted Nugent while I’m at it (not really).

Fuck, he was a likeable guy.

  • The Humungus

    Leiper was extremely likeable, but he was the OF coach in addition to 1B.

    One look at Hernandez’s season will let you know how they felt about his job there.

    Not surprised they dumped Jacoby, either.

    • Ryan Di Francesco

      I’m not sure if all the living outfield gold glove hall of famers would be able to coach/help Teoscar out there.

      *takes another sip of beer*

      I hope I’m wrong.

    • The Humungus

      If the FO has a say, I’d guess Dane Johnson sticks around, too. They like him enough to take his kid in the late rounds of the draft this past June. Plus, the bullpen has been pretty good in regards to the guys who’ve come through the farm; it’s been the veteran free agents who have done most of the hit or miss stuff the last few years.

  • Oz Rob

    It would be odd if they fire some of the other coaches later. You’d think they’d do it in one go? At any rate, yes Leiper seemed very likeable, but I also remember him saying that Teoscar was a ‘great outfielder’ and then justified it. Sticking up for his player I think. Jacoby? Have you heard any player in recent times credit him with anything? Have you even heard his name mentioned this year?

    I don’t mind if all the coaches, including Walker go. If there’s going to be change, let’s embrace it completely.