MLB Pipeline is predicting Vlad Jr. wins 2019 AL Rookie of the Year

Have we had any Vlad Jr. content in a while? No? Yes? Who cares! There’s never too much Vlad Jr. content.

Over the weekend, Major League Baseball announced Shohei Ohtani and Ronald Acuna won Rookie of the Year in their respective leagues. In response, MLB Pipeline put out an article predicting who would win the awards in 2019. Guess who was at the top of the list?!!

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The No. 1 prospect in baseball has to be considered the front-runner for ROY honors next year, doesn’t he? He flirted with a .400 batting average for much of the season and reached Triple-A at age 19, finishing the year with an OPS over 1.000 across four levels. He then capped things off with a very productive Arizona Fall League campaign.

Definitely. I think especially with a week or two of seasoning in Triple-A at the beginning of the season Vlad is a very good bet to win this thing. If he doesn’t get those extra reps to work on his, uh, base running, then maybe not!

Also, Danny Jansen got some love from Pipeline!

A solid all-around backstop, Jansen was able to shake off past injuries to homer in the Futures Game and make his big league debut in 2018. Russell Martin is still under contract for a year, but Jansen should get most of the time behind the plate in 2019.

Large Adult Sons! They’re on their way! It’s good!

  • DandyMoldonado

    Cam — curious what are your thoughts on Vlad being held down to gain an extra year of control. You seem to mention it at any chance. Is your preference that we lose a year of control on a potential superstar so that we can do right by him in a season where we have very little hope of contending?

    • Dillon

      I think it’s more that people who would like to see Vladdy on opening day wish that the system weren’t set up in a way that allows teams to steal an extra year of team control by making up transparent, bullshit excuses to keep MLB ready players in AAA for a few weeks.

      It’s obviously the smart move from an asset management standpoint, but it’s ludicrous that they can get away with it and more than deserving of scorn.

    • El Cabeza

      Yeah why don’t they just keep him in Buffalo until 2022 when they’re really ready to contend? That’s 3 more years of control!

      I guess the other option would be to bring him up now and let him become an established superstar, then lock him up through age 30 with a monster contract.

      I was being facetious when I started righting this reply. Now I’m legitimately not sure which of the two options is more likely for the Blue Jays FO.